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TalentAdore achieved remarkable growth in 2021

A lot has happened last year, and you are already looking at one part of it! Our brand new website! What do you think? Doesn’t it look dashing?  Yet, it’s not just the website that has changed.

We have also crystallized our brand story and renamed our product. And the changes do not stop there.

In this post, you will get to know about the biggest achievements at TalentAdore in 2021.

✔ Renewed brand story to incorporate augmented human touch 

✔ Renamed product to best highlight our superpowers

✔ New features to enable a timely and seamless recruitment 

✔ Our amazing customers changing the recruitment industry with us

✔ Our value-adding partners expanding our HR ecosystem

Adding the human touch to recruitment pays off

Many companies open and close recruitment processes one at a time. After each process, the contact with silver and bronze medalists is lost.

At the same time, candidates feel treated as ID numbers and learn little from the processes.

We will make every candidate and company a winner. Over the past years, our mission has been guided by these big questions.

  • How could we make candidates feel heard and understood?
  • How could we enable recruiters and hiring managers to have more time for human interaction with candidates?
  • How could we help companies to benefit from their excellent hiring work made in the past?

TalentAdore - Candidate Engagement & Recruitment

TalentAdore removes bottlenecks in recruitment one by one. This frees up time to focus on the moments that matter and create an exceptional candidate experience.

As a result, candidates feel heard and understood, and they act as your brand ambassadors. At the same time, companies reduce time-to-hire by up to 50% and save up to 40% of their hiring cost.

Adding the human touch to recruitment truly pays off.

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From Virtual Recruitment Assistant to TalentAdore Hire

We say goodbye to ‘Virtual Recruitment Assistant’ and welcome ‘TalentAdore Hire’.

When we started building our end-to-end recruitment solution in 2016, we asked HR professionals what they would like to delegate to their assistant if they had one. They mentioned for example candidate communication, interview scheduling, and approval process. Thus, we built our solution to serve these needs and named it the Virtual Recruitment Assistant. 

We have gone a long way since. Our solution continues to act as your assistant by automating manual tasks in the recruitment process. Yet, today it’s so much more. It’s a strategic tool. 

TalentAdore Hire is an AI-assisted end-to-end recruitment software that takes candidate engagement to the next level. Thanks to AI and clever automation, the solution enables fully personalized candidate communication seamlessly and timely. 

The solution guides you towards optimal recruitment and helps you to find the top talents just when you need them. It is all about engaging, effective, and systematic talent acquisition.

See our growth in numbers:

TalentAdore statistics 2021

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More features for a seamless and timely recruitment experience

On top of tens of small enhancements and customization options, we’d like to highlight a couple of brand new features:

👋 Candidate Introduction module for visually appealing presentations of shortlisted candidates. The module is handy for HR to showcase the top candidate to Hiring Managers. The module is also highly appreciated by recruitment agencies, introducing the top candidates to their customers.

💬 Two-way communication ensures no emails from the candidates are left laying in the team’s inbox but are visible in the candidate profile.

📅 Group interview booking is especially handy for recruitment projects with a larger headcount and a lot of candidates, such as seasonal recruitment campaigns or trainee projects.

Flexible approval process for recruitments, with the ability to set any kind of approval chains from 1 to 10 approval steps, TalentAdore taking care of the progress and notifications to the appropriate approvers.

Our customers change the recruitment industry with us

We have customers of all sizes, from growth companies to enterprises. We serve numerous industries, such as construction, IT, retail, non-profit, recruitment agency, and education.

In 2021, we started a cooperation with over 80 customers. Welcome on board! 🙌 

We love to showcase our amazing customers who invest in modern and humane recruitment. Check out these two interesting customer success stories published in 2021:


“With the use of TalentAdore, we have been able to shorten the time-to-hire. Based on the data we receive from TalentAdore’s system, we can see that the total time-to-hire became 40% more efficient last year. TalentAdore has improved the ease of the entire recruitment process, recruitment approval, and transparency, among other things.”

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“An open application often has such an echo that no one will actually read it. However, our work is strongly based on our own Talent Community and the role of open applications is also important. That was one of the main reasons for the implementation of TalentAdore, as it enables the use of our own talent pools very effectively.”

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Our partners bring value to the HR ecosystem 

In 2021, we continued forming new partnerships and deepened the existing ones. 

We truly believe in the power of ecosystems and are determined to build a comprehensive HR and recruitment ecosystem by integrating value-adding tools into our solution.

You can already today benefit from several solutions in our HR ecosystem, such as the following;

  • Publish your job ads on multiple job boards
  • Evaluate your candidates helped by online assessment tools and video interviews software
  • Transfer your hired candidates automatically to your HR system 

Discover our featured partners here



Big thanks to all our customers and partners. With some of you we have worked already for several years and with some, only a few months or weeks. Nonetheless, you all mean the world to us. 

And of course, all this would not have been possible without our incredible team, our one-family. You rock 🙌 Thank you so much for all your efforts and let’s continue the growth story in 2022!

Would you like to join our journey?

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💬 Potential Partners: If you are interested in discussing a partnership with us, please contact our Head of Partners & Customer Success, Max Schwartzenberg; max.schwartzenberg talentadore.com. 

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