Our Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is not just another ATS. With our VRA, you can handle the entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions and building dynamic talent communities. It also ensures a superior candidate experience for every applicant.

The VRA utilizes artificial intelligence and clever automation to create unparalleled communication with candidates. It automates those parts of the recruitment process where human input adds little or no value, saving time and allowing you to focus on your core work: the people.

Juho Toivola

“TalentAdore represents the best HR tech in Finland. TalentAdore uses artificial intelligence for recruitment in an intelligent way that improves Candidate Experience and makes recruiter’s work more professional.”

Juho Toivola, No. 1 Recruitment & HR Influencer in Finland

Why Our VRA Is the Right Solution for You

Our Top Five Features

Candidate Communication

The VRA reminds the recruiter to provide candidates with status updates and generates messages automatically. You can send personalized feedback messages, status updates, and interview invitations.

  • Convert your click-based evaluation into rich, natural language
  • Reveal what you saw as candidate’s benefits, and what you felt he was lacking
  • Not based on any template and can be regenerated as many times as you wish
  • Send automatic, customizable status updates to candidates in different steps
  • Insert text, pictures, and links to the messages
  • Send additional messages using templates individually or in a batch
  • Offer multiple time slots to a candidate at once by email and our scheduling tool, allowing the candidate to choose the best option
  • Import the VRA calendar into your calendar app by using a link
  • Put our RecRight integration to use to handle video interviews
  • Record the questions for every position and let candidates record their answers
  • See the videos on a candidate’s profile next to other documentation

AI Candidate Matching

Based on AI, the Recommendation Engine matches your candidates to positions and gives recommendations automatically. Our candidate-matching technology has several possible application areas, such as talent communities and careers pages (ask for more details).

Recommendation Engine and matching_TalentAdore
  • Assess candidates’ suitability for positions based on the traffic light icon
  • Pre-screen, sort and highlight top candidates in order of relevance
  • Notify other users of the best-suited candidates
  • Remove the pitfalls of keyword searches with contextual evaluation
  • Care only about the candidate’s holistic background
  • View candidates’ match level through color coding (green = highly contextual match; yellow = intermediate match; grey = poor match)
  • Automatically source candidates from your talent communities
  • Include a bot-like interactive dialogue on your career pages
  • Receive tips for creating more relevant job ads

Simple User Interface

Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) provides intuitive and user-friendly interface for all stakeholders in the recruitment process.

Application View_TalentAdore Virtual Recruitment Assistant
  • Utilize user roles (incl. Hiring Manager View) and job collaboration
  • Create internal notes and tasks and @ mentions, and receive notifications
  • Create approval processes
  • Post beautiful job ads with templates and your customizable style
  • Customize recruitment flows, including different process steps
  • Share job ads to social media or job boards (ask for our integrations)
  • Use the Basic Search to search all documentation (including PDFs)
  • Sort candidates based on position, candidate stage, outcome, and more
  • Use the Advanced search to search based on multiple criteria
  • View application history, message history, and all candidate documentation
  • View documentation while making notes and reviews in the same view
  • Evaluate candidates, set average scores, and make notes and tags

Talent Community

In Talent Community, you can store and nurture your potential future employees and people interested in your company. You can link talent to active recruitment processes, send messages, and get referrals. Use Talent Community as an active sourcing channel!

  • Group similar candidates and handle them simultaneously
  • Send mass and individual messages
  • Link candidates to active recruitment processes
  • View summaries, applications and suggested positions
  • Write comments, handle group memberships, and edit talent
  • Link to active recruitments
  • Attract new talents with a referral page
  • Share the referral link with your existing Talent Community members by email
  • Nurture your candidates with additional messages

Real-Time Analytics

You can see real-time data about your recruitment processes, filter the data by position and user, and select whether you want to see yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily stats.

Advanced Analytics_TalentAdore
  • See how the average candidate experience evolves in real-time
  • See sent and read feedback and the amount of feedback given
  • See open comments from your candidates
  • See the average time spent on each step of the recruitment process
  • The total processing time and a sum of the averages of each step
  • See the number of received, rejected and hired applications
  • See the number of potential candidates who viewed your posting

Outstanding Customer Support and GDPR Safety

Want to attract more candidates and highlight your company culture? We make customized career pages that highlight your brand in the right way and engage potential candidates. Your page is unlike anyone else’s—it’s individually designed.

On the page, you could talk about your team, benefits, values, and employee stories. You can also have pictures, videos, and links to your referral pages.

Check out our career page for an example or contact us for more information.

You will be using our recruitment software in no time. Forget the old-fashioned implementation processes and start using our product quickly.

Our customer success team will help you to take full advantage of our solution. We will give you both technical support and information on how to use the system in the most optimal way. We will also advise you on modern recruitment practices and how to improve your candidate experience as needed.

We have been praised for our professional and quick customer support. We answer 90% of our customers’ tickets on the same day they are submitted. Read here more about what our happy customers have to say.

We support and automate many GDPR requirements on your behalf. For example, if a candidate requests to see the information you have stored about her, our system will collect the information, allowing you to send it quickly with one link.

Our main servers are located in Europe. The data storage period is defined by you and can range from 6 and 36 months depending on your registry terms and conditions. The applicant data will be automatically removed at the end of the defined period unless the applicant in question has joined the Talent Community.

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