Adding the human touch to recruitment pays off.

Difficult to attract and hire the right talents? Create an exceptional candidate experience and grow your business with TalentAdore’s AI-assisted end-to-end recruitment software.

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Fulfill each candidate’s diverse preferences for being heard and understood - TalentAdore

Superior Candidate Experience

Everyone wants to be heard and understood

Fulfill each candidate’s diverse preferences for being heard and understood, and in return, they will recommend you as an employer to their social circles.

  • Engage all your candidates up to their first day at the office
  • Turn all candidates into your brand advocates and loyal customers
  • Create more motivated employees and prevent attrition
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Use artificial intelligence (AI) and clever automation to streamline your talent acquisition - TalentAdore

Efficiency with AI

Make efficiency and human touch go hand in hand

Use artificial intelligence (AI) and clever automation to streamline your talent acquisition and have more meaningful moments with your candidates.

  • Communicate timely and seamlessly along the candidate’s journey
  • Gather insights about candidate’s suitability and catch the top talents fast
  • Automate tasks throughout the recruitment process – from job approvals to pre-onboarding freshly hired candidates
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A forward-looking and continuous hiring approach brings success in all market situations - TalentAdore

Systematic talent acquisition

Luck favors those who acquire talents in a systematic way

A forward-looking and continuous hiring approach brings success in all market situations and helps you to be prepared for the future.

  • Build an engaged community of fans, advocates, and potential employees
  • Crowdsource your recruitment with referrals from your talent community
  • Analyze the entire recruitment function, gain insight with high-quality data, and support business development with a more strategic HR
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Guide for a modern HR professional

Definitive guide to Candidate Experience

What is Candidate Experience all about, and why does it matter? What are the benefits of a better Candidate Experience, and how can you improve it? Discover by downloading the guide.

Scalable hiring for recruitment agencies, SMEs and enterprises - TalentAdore

Scalable hiring for SME's, recruitment agencies, and enterprises

Use our solution as a standalone end-to-end recruitment software or as integrated to an HR system. It is also a perfect fit for recruitment companies for which we have special features to offer. 

  • SMEs: Simple and modern talent acquisition eases your everyday work life. Superior user and candidate experience.
  • Recruitment Agencies & Staffing: Efficient collaboration with both your candidates and customers —  all whilst staying GDPR compliant.
  • Enterprises: Scalable solution, suitable also for big volumes. Convenient integration to SAP SuccessFactors and other HR systems.
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Customers love our solution


“With the help of TalentAdore, we have been able to bring our recruitment closer to modern times. Applying is easy for candidates, and they can give us feedback conveniently and anonymously if they wish. TalentAdore also enables quick and candidate-friendly communication.

Our recruitment process became 40% more efficient last year. TalentAdore has improved the ease of the entire recruitment process, recruitment approval, and transparency, among other things.”

Kai Kaasalainen, CEO, Tamro
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All the features you need for modern talent acquisition

Candidate Communication

Communicate easily with your candidates, helped by AI and automation. Send personalized status updates and feedback messages.

Talent Community

Store talents and nurture them with engaging messages. Link talents to active recruitment processes and gather referrals.

Advanced Analytics

Track real-time data about your recruitment processes, such as average candidate experience and the efficiency of your process.


Kickstart new-hire pre-onboarding before the first day at work. Share material in small pieces and introduce your company culture.

All features

See amazing results

Our customers have improved candidate experience, made their recruitment processes more efficient, and filled their positions faster. And it is all proven by data.


more efficient recruitment process


average candidate experience


better application processing time


of job candidates recommend you to their social circles

Talentadore brings the human touch back to recruitment

About TalentAdore

Who are we?

We exist to bring the human touch back to recruitment. Our team – our family – consists of super talented employees in customer success, sales, marketing, R&D, and business development.

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