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AI in Recruitment Guide

A More Emphatic & Efficient Recruitment Process

Our Virtual Recruitment Assistant is at your service! The Consumer-grade user experience
combined with artificial intelligence is a totally new norm for connecting with your candidates.

Employer Branding

Send AI-assisted personalized status updates and feedback messages to all your job candidates. Boost your candidate experience and employer brand.

Workflow Automation

Decrease your costs and time-to-hire. Collaborate easily and automate manual tasks, such as interview scheduling and GDPR requirements.

More Relevant Applicants

Attract talent with appealing careers pages. Let AI make applying effortless and match candidates to positions. Make data-driven decisions with real-time metrics.

Customers Love Our Solution

Ida Kuvaja

“Employees are a company’s most important resource, and with the help of TalentAdore, we have succeeded in recruiting the right talent, as well as improving our employer brand. The average grade for our candidate feedback is 4.3/5, and highlighting candidates’ development areas has been highly appreciated by candidates.”

Ida Kuvaja, Business Manager, HR & Payroll Services, Staria Oyj
Avg. Candidate Experience of rejected candidates
Feedback sent
Unique touchpoints
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Our Top Features

Candidate Communication

Thanks to AI and intelligent automation, you can generate status updates and 100% personalized feedback messages in no time. Let our algorithms do the writing for you.

Talent Community

Continue the dialog with your potential future employees in dynamic talent communities. Link talent to active positions, ask for referrals and fill positions quickly while boosting your employer brand.

Recommendation Engine

AI matches candidates to the most suitable positions via unbiased recommendations. No great candidate is accidentally overlooked. The contextual searches done by AI make keyword searches obsolete.

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