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Boost your internal efficiency and engage all your candidates with TalentAdore Hire - an AI-assisted recruitment and candidate engagement software.

An intuitive and user-friendly experience for all stakeholders - TalentAdore

Experience is everything

TalentAdore Hire provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience for all stakeholders in the recruitment process. Collaborate easily within your organization and with your candidates.

You can manage your entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions, build dynamic talent communities, and pre-onboard new hires before their first day on the job.

Simple, modern, and engaging talent acquisition, all the way.


Notes & Mentions

Collaborate with your team members by utilizing internal notes and tagging each other.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks for yourself or other team members.

Approval Process

Once you’ve created a position, send it to a colleague for approval.

User Role Management

Invite all stakeholders to use the system and assign different user roles.


Recruitment Flows

Create recruitment flows with customized steps for different positions.


Set position-specific automations and execute various actions based on triggers and conditions.

Job Ad Posting

Create new job ads easily with beautiful templates and add your brand elements.

AI-Generated Job Descriptions

Generate entire job descriptions or use our AI Assistant as your personal sparring partner.

AI Translations

Translate your job descriptions into multiple languages with a click of a button.

Customized Application Forms

Create customized application forms so you can filter candidates based on your assigned filters.

Job Ad Share

Share job ads directly to your social media channels and multiple job boards.

Job Collaboration

Share a position with chosen stakeholders and assign different roles.

Career Pages

Let us help you with creating individually customized career pages.

GDPR & Data Privacy

Add your privacy policy and select when application data is automatically deleted.


Kanban & List View

Easily sort, screen and organize your candidates and perform bulk actions.

Advanced Search

Search candidates with keywords and by using multiple filters, such as ratings and pre-qualification questions.

AI Summaries

Create summaries of application documents, notes and interviews with a click of a button.

Candidate Rating

Evaluate candidates by setting average scores and rate candidates based on your requirements.

Interview Notepads

Standardize your interviews by assigning interview questions to notepads and including them in each application.

Anonymous recruitment

Ensure your recruitment process is inclusive. Select which steps in the recruitment flow and what information to anonymize.

Online Assessment

Benefit from our partners’ online assessment tools and get an assessment of candidates.

Digital Reference Checking

Manage the entire reference checking process inside our solution with our partner's online tool.

Candidate communication

Automated Status Updates

Send automatic, customizable status updates to candidates in different steps of the recruitment process.

Customized Message Templates

Create customizable message templates that can be sent to candidates throughout the recruitment process.

AI-assisted Feedback

Provide personalized feedback helped by our AI-assisted feedback tool.

Customized Feedback Templates

Create feedback templates and use them to inform your candidates about your recruitment decision.

Interview Scheduling

Offer multiple time slots to several candidates at once, allowing them to choose the best option for themselves.

Group Interviews

Schedule group interviews to interview multiple candidates simultaneously.

Pre-recorded Video Interviews

Create pre-recorded video interview questions and invite your candidates to record their answers.

Live Video Interviews

Hold your live video interview inside our solution and record them simultaneously.

Video Application

Add one video question to any application form in any position.


Create beautiful handbooks for your new hire and include different types of content, such as videos, questionnaires, and documentation.


Groups & Messaging

Group candidates with similar competencies and send targeted messages.

Job Alerts

Let your candidates subscribe to receiving notifications about new openings matching their criteria.

Talent View

View summaries, applications and suggested positions. Write comments and edit talent info.

Linking Talents To Active Positions

Invite talents to be the first ones to apply to newly opened positions.


Gather referrals with a branded webpage. Share it on your website or social media.


Candidate Experience

Measure your candidate experience in real-time and collect open feedback.

Job Ads & Applications

Monitor data of your job ads and applications to know e.g. what are the most successful channels.

Process Efficiency

Get insights on the effectiveness of your recruitment process and how long different steps take.

User Efficiency

See data of processed applications, handled interviews, and completed tasks.


Candidate Profile Import

Import attractive candidate profiles and compile your long and shortlists.

Customer User Rights

Invite your customers to the system and share candidates with them securely.

Candidate Introduction

Compile information about the top candidates to share it with individuals within or outside your organization.