Personalised Candidate Communication Works Like a Charm

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Personalised Candidate Communication Works Like a Charm

During spring 2017, two modern recruitment tools combined their superpowers to help recruiters be more human in candidate communication. RecRight video interviews can now be integrated into TalentAdore’s Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA), which is powered by artificial intelligence.

Imagine that you have several positions open, and the whole recruitment team has a tight deadline. Imagine that, in some magical way, you manage to have personal contact with each candidate. You can communicate efficiently about the progress of the recruitment process and still have time to send personal feedback to every single applicant.

Don’t faint yet. It sounds challenging and may feel like you need to clone yourself to be everywhere at once. However, instead of magic tricks, you just need a little bit of technology to be a superb candidate communicator.

To be more specific you need artificial intelligence to generate candidate feedback and pre-recorded video interviews to communicate personally with every candidate from the very beginning of the recruitment process.

TalentAdore’s VRA uses artificial intelligence to help recruiters generate feedback for candidates based on their success in the recruitment process so far. RecRight’s video interview allows recruiters to convey the company culture in recorded video questions and see the candidates behind the applications before the actual face-to-face interview. Only meeting every candidate personally is more human than this combination, but we all know that “having time to meet all candidates” is the definition of impossible.

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Candidate Experience and Personalised Candidate Communication are the Cornerstones of Modern Recruitment

A transcended candidate experience is a competitive advantage for your company. TalentAdore has found that after sending a mass rejection letter to candidates who were not chosen for the position, only 20% of the candidates would recommend this employer to their social circles. By sending a personal feedback letter, the recommendation rate increased to 70%!

“TalentAdore brings the human touch back to recruitment. We enable a superior Candidate Experience to each and every job candidate – also to those candidates who are not selected for a job interview. Thus, we ensure candidates become rather fans and advocates than enemies of the companies. When more and more candidates find their dream jobs, companies have a greater chance to grow their businesses. RecRight helps our overall mission – video interviews make it possible that a greater number of candidates get the opportunity to make visible their personalities and true areas of strength. Our co-operation with RecRight clearly demonstrates how flexible our system architecture is and how we are all the time consistently offer the very best solutions for the benefit of our customers,” says the CEO and Co-Founder of TalentAdore, Saku Valkama.

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Technology Helps Solve Challenges in Recruitment and Enables Personalised Candidate Communication

It is a common illusion that using technology in recruitment loses the human touch, but RecRight’s and TalentAdore’s customers prove otherwise.

“In Uponor we have been using both TalentAdore and RecRight in our recruiting process. We have been very happy users of both. After the integration, it is even more convenient to us and lets us focus on the selection and employee experience.”Uponor

RecRight CEO, Riku Malkki, explains that video interview allows recruiters to see personalities behind applications. “One candidate could have a solid CV but, for some reason, he doesn’t suit the team. Another candidate might have just a regular CV that doesn’t stand out, but he might be a promising future talent and a perfect match for the team. With video interviews, it is possible to have a much wider understanding of the candidates in the application phase and communicate with them more efficiently. Videos are also an excellent channel to convey employer brand.”

When an open position means hundreds of applications, it is very hard or even impossible to keep track and answer each applicant manually. Despite the good intention to write an email to everyone, some of the candidates are eventually left without any message from the company. Candidates have used their valuable time to write the best possible application for you only to realize that nobody cares.

Too many times does a candidate has no clue how the recruitment process is proceeding. He or she loses out on a valuable lesson to learn from the recruiter’s feedback and may also lose his or her self-confidence. With AI and videos, candidates are heard, seen, and understood in the big wheels of a recruitment process.

“RecRight and TalentAdore together form an excellent combination for tackling the challenges of candidate communication. Our value propositions are congruent when it comes to candidate experience and employer image. When recruitment process is user-friendly not only to recruiters but also to candidates, I believe that we are at the core of the enjoyable recruitment for all,” says Riku Malkki.

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How the Integration Works in Practice

  1. Companies announce an open position with the TalentAdore VRA and receive applications in the tool. The whole recruitment team can assess candidates, save their reviews, and store all the information in the system.
  2. Based on the reviews, recruiters can easily choose the candidates who are not right for the position and the ones who are chosen for the next phase.
  3. Instead of creating a general rejection message, recruiters can generate a personal feedback letter for those candidates who were not chosen continue in the recruitment process. Personalisation happens by evaluating the candidates based on different attributes that are relevant to this specific position. The “no thank you” letter is created automatically, and the recruiter can adjust it if necessary.
  4. The most promising candidates receive an invitation for a video interview for which a recruiter or another member of the recruiting team has recorded video interview questions. Candidates respond by recording their video answers, and the answers can be found in TalentAdore VRA.
  5. After the video interview, recruiters send a personalised message to the rejected candidates and invite only the best ones to a face-to-face interview. We all know the situation when someone has seemed like an excellent candidate on paper, but when you meet him in person, the image is shattered. With video interviews, it is possible to avoid these unpleasant situations and ensure that only the right candidates get invited to meet the whole team in person.

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TalentAdore is a game-changing company. Our VRA is an amazing tool that touches people’s hearts. It integrates an applicant tracking system, artificial intelligence–based candidate communication technologies, and advanced automation. The VRA empowers recruiting companies to give 100% personalised status updates and feedback messages to each job candidate individually and with no extra time. They can handle the entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions to measuring the employer brand in real time, as well as building their own talent community.

More information at www.talentadore.com

Mobile CV is the company behind RecRight. RecRight is a light applicant tracking software that has videos at its core. With RecRight, it is possible to announce open job positions, ask video questions in the application phase, and carry out video interviews. RecRight video interviews can be integrated into TalentAdore. When modern recruitment focuses on the personality and culture fit, video interviews are a natural way to show a piece of your company culture and see the candidates behind the applications.

More information at www.recright.com  

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