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Tuomi Logistiikka – We Do Recruitment with Heart

In this blog, Paula Sipilä, the human resources planner of Tuomi Logistiikka, explains how they do recruitment with heart. She also talks about how candidate experience is reflected in their recruitment and how TalentAdore has supported them in achieving their recruitment goals.

Paula Sipilä – Tuomi Logistiikka:

I work as an HR Manager in versatile HR development tasks related to well-being, leadership, and rewarding. Recruitment is my key area of ​​responsibility, including also candidate experience and employer image. In fact, they both are especially close to my heart. I have a Master’s degree in Social Sciences in the Master’s Programme in work, welfare, and well-being. In other words, the development of working life and good leadership has guided my career since the beginning of my studies.

Tuomi Logistiikka is a publicly owned, in-house company with a genuine social impact. This is also reflected in our recruitment, which emphasizes the candidate’s encounter as a human and the importance of giving feedback to job seekers. This is also why we started using TalentAdore’s recruitment software at the beginning of 2018. We wanted to invest in modern recruitment and candidate experience.

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The Employer Image Consists of the Employees

We want to build a culture based on trust and cross-border collaboration.

Employer brand or the formation of the employer brand always starts with our own employees. They are enthusiastic and motivated about their work, find their work meaningful, and we guarantee the best framework for them to do their job well. It is important for us that our employees are more self-directed step by step. We also strive for a coaching and trust-based management culture that enables it.

Our operating environment is also very interesting as we operate in the municipal and social welfare, and healthcare sectors. We are also at the heart of the possible transformation of the social welfare and healthcare sector. It will bring its own variations and development needs to all of our tasks. For job seekers, we have various tasks and different career paths.

The logistics operations are very extensive, and our organization employs e.g. experts in procurement, materials, transportation, and passenger transport. It is difficult to find employees for all specialist tasks when there are relatively few in the labor market. We are also not yet well known as an employer. Tuomi Logistiikka has been operating as a company only since the beginning of 2016.

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TalentAdore as Part of our Recruitment

Previously, we didn’t have our own recruitment software at all, but we did our recruitments with the help of a partner company and their software. We wanted to invest more in our candidate experience, so we decided to take the process into our own hands.

At first, we had to think about our needs and what we want to achieve with the recruitment software. Candidate experience was the most important criterion for us. We want to do recruitment with heart. Also, user-friendliness and that the system supplier’s product development is active and up to date was important. Because we are not a big organization, we didn’t want heavy software, but an easy and quick one specifically focused on the recruitment process. We got many demos from different suppliers, but comparing them all, we ended up with TalentAdore.

Previously, we didn’t have our own recruitment software but we recruited with the help of a partner company and their software. We wanted to invest more in our candidate experience, so we took the process into our own hands. For this, we needed our own recruitment software, because as our operations grew, we also made a lot of recruitments.

Candidate Experience Consists of Both Encounter Points and Appreciation

I think a well-prepared candidate has given a lot of time and effort to this recruitment process, so we also need to give the candidate time reciprocally.

Good candidate experience is significant for us. It is important for those who we hire and for those we don’t. They play a significant role in spreading the perception of us as an employer to a wider audience. A well-prepared candidate has given a lot of time and effort to this recruitment process, so we also need to reciprocally give the candidate time. It is all about appreciation.

The most important feature of a good candidate experience is communication, which we are focusing on. It is also essential to explain your choices to those who are not selected or didn’t make it further in the recruitment process. The key to good candidate experience is a well-prepared interview, where the atmosphere is relaxed and conversational. Also, making our operations, staff, and various roles visible across multiple communication channels is a part of the candidate’s experience with us. That often begins even before the actual application process.

We Do Recruitment with Heart and Modern Recruitment is an Essential Part of the Employer Image

These days recruitment is candidate-oriented, not employer-oriented. No employer can imagine being the party that chooses the best of the good candidates anymore. Still, the employer has to redeem his place to be chosen by the best candidate.

We do recruitment with heart, person to person, and personally. It is ongoing, not just when the search is open. It’s about continuous networking and transparency about the company and its values. Employee ambassadors also play a major role in recruitment. The modern recruiter also acts as a business partner and advisor to the company. They can highlight how critical the recruitment of the right talent is to the company.

From an employer’s perspective, recruitment moves more and more from job vacancies to creating a company and employer image. Artificial intelligence is growing and will serve both the employer and the job seeker better. Besides AI, using social media will continue to grow.

Ease of Giving Feedback

With TalentAdore, we have been able to reduce our recruitment costs by running the application process ourselves instead of an external partner. This requires us to have sufficient resources for recruitment.

Also in the light of statistics, our candidate experience is good. We can easily provide feedback to candidates and provide information. We also get a lot of open applications, even more than before.

“Never before have I received such a nice, friendly, personalized, and reasoned response to a job application. It just reinforces my image of you as an employer. Big thanks :-)”- Feedback from Tuomi Logistikka jobseeker

Implementation of the TalentAdore software was easy, and the customer collaboration works really well. The software has also been developed based on our feedback. So if TalentAdore meets your needs and you want to invest in good candidate experience, you shouldn’t hesitate.

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