Tamro – Effective and Candidate-Friendly Recruitment

In this post, Tamro’s CEO Kai Kaasalainen and HR business partner Tuija Laine-Itävuo talk about Tamro’s employer brand and reveal how TalentAdore’s recruitment software helped them achieve their recruitment goals.

A Bold Company Culture Needs Innovative Talent

In our recruitment, we emphasize features such as innovation, initiative, ongoing learning, and customer-oriented thinking.

“Tamro has operated in the heart of Finnish pharmaceutical distribution for 125 years. The health and well-being value chain is at a powerful turning point and development phase. Today, Tamro is a lot more than just a pharmaceutical wholesale business. Based on its strategy, the business has expanded and is still expanding into new areas of the health value chain. There are new areas such as research, evaluating and ensuring the effectiveness of care, and health technologies in support of home care and, with the joint venture model, into pharmacy chain operations.

Strategic growth is constantly demanding new talent, so Tamro is strongly involved in health and well-being recruitment. In our recruitment, we emphasize features such as innovation, initiative, ongoing learning, and customer-oriented thinking. At the same time, we are determined to build a bold company culture where everyone has the courage to think in a new way, try out new things, and do things in agile and bold ways and create value for customers,” says CEO Kai Kaasalainen.

Implementation of TalentAdore Succeeded Beyond Expectations

Collaboration with TalentAdore’s contacts was very easy. I also really liked that we were asked for feedback several times along the way.

From the beginning, Tuija played an important role in the successful implementation of the TalentAdore system for Tamro. Tuija explains why Tamro decided to start using TalentAdore:

“We chose TalentAdore because we saw that it could give us the support we needed to reach our recruitment goals. With the solution, we wanted to modernize our recruitment process and especially invest in a good candidate experience. Modernizing started with the visual look of the recruitment notice and the fact that it is simple and smooth for the candidate to submit applications to us in the format they want.

With TalentAdore, we were fascinated by, among other things, the investment in every aspect of the candidate experience. We also found the visually presented statistics and metrics of the recruiting process useful. Overall, we wanted a system that would serve our recruitment process and goals well, and ensure that we could keep up to date. We wanted it to support pioneering in modern recruitment, as well as give us the courage to do things a little differently than others.

The implementation of TalentAdore went extremely well—actually beyond our expectations. Collaboration with TalentAdore’s contacts was very easy. I also really liked that they asked feedback several times along the way.”

A Professional and People-Oriented Recruiting Process

In today’s recruiting, both parties assess compatibility.

The new growth strategy has challenged Tamro to improve its employer brandKai and Tuija explain what is emphasized in Tamro’s recruitment process:

“We want to ensure that the whole recruitment process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Now our communications provide the candidates with the information they need about the company, the role, and what it’s like to work at Tamro. In today’s recruiting, both parties assess compatibility; therefore, it is important to provide all relevant information. This way, we can ensure that working for our company corresponds with what the candidate has been told and promised during the recruitment process.

We aim to find the candidates whose talent, striving for improvement, and motivational factors provide the best possible match for the open role. Instead of traditional recruiting for certain permanent job descriptions, we are increasingly looking for skills and talents. We seek for people who strive for improvement and whose roles will grow with the rapid development of the company and the industry.

Our goal is also to leave a positive impression on all the candidates about the professional and people-oriented recruitment process.”

Positive Candidate feedback and More Effective Recruitment

Our total time-to-hire became 40% more efficient last year.

“With the help of TalentAdore, we have been able to bring our recruitment closer to modern times, including system-wise. Applying is easy for candidates, and they can give us feedback conveniently and anonymously if they wish. TalentAdore also enables quick and candidate-friendly communication. We can communicate with all candidates smoothly and in a people-oriented way, as well as provide the candidates with the option to book a suitable time for an interview without back-and-forth calls.

TalentAdore also provides different kinds of data from the recruiting process on a recruitment-by-recruitment and general level. This way, we can improve the recruitment process with the support of the metrics. With the help of TalentAdore, it is really easy to collect feedback from candidates and, thus, further improve the recruitment process. We are pleased that candidates have given us positive feedback on communication, for example, and that they can book a suitable time for an interview by themselves via a link.

With the use of TalentAdore, we have been able to shorten the time-to-hire. Based on the data we receive from TalentAdore’s system, we can see that the total time-to-hire became 40% more efficient last year. TalentAdore has improved the ease of the entire recruitment process, recruitment approval, and transparency, among other things.

Due to the nature of the work, we include various tests and clearances for certain recruitment processes. It is easy to follow these steps in TalentAdore, where you can create recruitment-specific paths with different steps,” says Tuija.

Applying for Summer Jobs Gives Young People First-Hand Experience with Recruiting; Therefore, a Positive Candidate Experience Is Paramount

All candidates should get a response and information regarding their application, whether they were selected or not.

Tuija explains how Tamro recruits its summer workers: “We hire about 50 summer workers every year, most of whom work in various warehouse positions at the Tampere logistics center in Finland. Our needs will be in the same range in the summer of 2021 as well.

We want all our summer candidates to have a good image of us, even if they don’t get a job. It is also very important for us to provide interview opportunities and experiences for as many young people as possible.

We don’t hold traditional one-sided interviews where only the employer asks questions. Rather we try to provide as much information as possible about the company and the work tasks, as well as encourage candidates to ask questions and find out all the information that is relevant to them. We also don’t assume that summer workers know everything when they come for an interview or work. We give everyone a good onboarding experience at the beginning of the employment. Great communication is also a key. All candidates should get a response and information regarding their application, whether they were selected or not.”

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Meaningful Work on the Well-Being of Finns

Our employees know that their contribution can, in some cases, save someone’s life.

What is it like to work at Tamro? “The people working at Tamro are united by the desire to do meaningful work for the health and well-being of Finns and develop the health sector with new services and innovations. Our employees know that their contribution can, in some cases, save someone’s life. We have a motto, ‘With determination and an open heart’. It perfectly describes the mentality with which people here do their work,” Kai and Tuija say.

Reliable is also a term that is often associated with us. In many ways, reliability is extremely important to us, and we want to continue to nurture it—after all, we work on medicines. Our values—reliable, appreciative, and proactive—also create a good foundation for our company culture,” says Kai.

In what kind of roles can you be employed at Tamro? Kai raises several possibilities: “There are people working in a very wide variety of roles at Tamro. Our employees in Vantaa work in a wide variety of positions, from the development of the health-care industry to the production, sales, marketing, and communication of various services, as well as many support tasks. Tamro also has a strong IT department that works closely with our parent company, PHOENIX. Our logistics center in Tampere offers various warehouse jobs, and from time to time, we look for experts for our customer service.”

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Tamro as a Company

Tamro is the leading distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products in Finland and a strongly growing service provider for the entire health value chain. We ensure that pharmaceuticals and health products are available for consumers everywhere in Finland safely and with high quality.

Tamro is a unifier that brings together various operators in the health industry and shows the direction for promoting health in our society. We develop Finnish health care and well-being with determination and an open heart. Tamro Oyj is a part of PHOENIX Group, which is Europe’s leading provider of health-care services.

Don’t Hesitate to Implement TalentAdore!

It’s great to work with a modern tool with a clear focus on development.

Tuija says she is genuinely satisfied with TalentAdore’s system: “Often, in the role of administrator, you hope for a lot of different changes to the functionalities of the system. With TalentAdore, I have these wishes much less than normal. It’s great to work with a modern tool with a clear focus on development.

I would like to highlight the three things I most like about TalentAdore:

1. It is really easy and simple to give feedback on the recruitment process in the system. It is absolutely an excellent feature.
2. I especially like the visuality of TalentAdore’s recruitment metrics, which means that you don’t have to start digging data from separate reports yourself.
3. I also really like the electronic appointment calendar. This has also received positive feedback from candidates, which is, of course, the most important thing.”

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