“Companies are all about the bottom line, right?

What if we told you the way you treat employee candidates can have a huge effect on that bottom line? The reason lies in your recruitment process. Many times, candidates applying to work at your company are also customers or connected to potential customers. In this age of social media, customers (and former customers) are much more likely to discuss their experiences with your brand. If those discussions are negative, you run the risk of harming your brand identity in the long run.

To prevent this from happening, Miira recommends using a personalized recruitment process.”

Empathy-Led Recruitment Affecting Your Company’s Bottom-Line

In March 2019, I had an amazing opportunity to participate in the podcast of Sure Oak and discuss personalized recruitment process. Listen to the podcast below or read a blog text written based on the discussion on Sure Oak’s website: How Empathy-Led Recruitment Can Affect Your Company’s Bottom-Line.

By listening or reading the story, you’ll get answers to these fascinating questions:

  • Why personalized recruitment is so important?
  • How personalized recruitment affects your company’s bottom-line?
  • Why HR and Marketing should work more together?
  • How can you get started with personalized recruitment?

Thanks Sure Oak for having me as a guest! It was a pleasure 😊

About Sure Oak

Sure Oak is a company located in New York, with a mission to help people live their most amazing and fulfilled lives. Through the power of search and technology, they envision a world where all human beings have higher consciousness, an abundance of free time, deep fulfillment, and an overall improved well-being.

The company offers services and tools to make brands be more visible online, reach more people, help their audiences find what they’re looking for, improve their brand recognition, build sustainable traction, so they can help more customers, increase revenue and continually grow.

Best regards,

Miira Leinonen
The CMO of TalentAdore

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