Talouselämä magazine (part of Alma Media Corporation) published their list of the 10 hottest startups in Finland on Friday 17th of February; we are truly honored to be one of them.

The full article was published in the print magazine, and you can find the web version of the article here. It is in Finnish, so I have translated the main content concerning our company into English. You can read it below.

“TalentAdore has developed a recruitment software that follows the recruitment process from publishing job ads to hiring decisions. The specialty in the solution lies in a communication tool that takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence. With the system, recruiting companies can communicate with their job candidates individually and send personalised feedback.

Often in recruitment, companies send rejection messages too late. This is harmful to their employer brand. “Candidates are customers, and they should be treated in that way,” says the CEO of TalentAdore, Saku Valkama.

The TalentAdore’s solution is sold as a cloud service, and it scales up well. Compared to its traditional competitors, the implementation of TalentAdore’s solution is simple. The company just finalised its financial round in which inter alia the chairman of the board of Nokia, Risto Siilasmaa, through his investment company First Fellow Partners took part in.

In Finland, TalentAdore has significant customers, for example, in finance and construction industries. The company is going international by expanding its activities first in the UK and Spanish speaking countries. Moreover, TalentAdore is aiming to reach 20-30 million turnovers in 2020.”

Innovative business ideas

The other nine startups are: Blueprint Genetics, Claned Group, Netmedi, Next Games, Paptic, ResQ Club, Smartly.io, Vainu.io, and Verto Analytics. They inspire us in several industries, such as education, advertising, sales, gaming, and clothing. It is amazing to be highlighted with these innovative startups, just to mention a few here.

Vainu.io has a solution for prospecting and lead generation that uses an intelligent data collection from millions of open and public data sources to identify prospecting signals.

Smartly.io is helping their customers to automate and optimize their Facebook marketing.

Paptic has invented a revolutionary, environmental new material that replaces paper and plastic. How amazing that is!

All of the 10 chosen startups are under five years old, and their turnover in 2015 was under 10 million euros. There was no order made for the chosen ones. The jury consisted of professionals in venture capitalism, and they were led by the former U.S Ambassador to Finland and the Executive of the residence of Aalto University, Bruce Oreck. The jury members and participants in creating the shortlist were, for example, Heli Ahlroos, Jari Mieskonen (Conor Venture Partners), Kaj Hagros (Pivot5), Oskari Kettunen (Reaktor Ventures), and Juha-Matti Mäntylä (Talouselämä).

We would like to congratulate all the startups and thank Talouselämä and everyone participating in the selection process. Thank you!