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Why Video Interviews Matter Now More than Ever

Going through 20 candidates by phone takes up to 10 hours, while video interviewing only takes about three hours.

Video interviews are very topical, especially now, as more and more companies and employees have a “stay home” policy in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some benefits that video interviewing brings to your organization.

1. Get to Know Candidates Beyond CVs

Video applications and video interviews are not replacing CVs or live interviews. Instead, they are working as a middleman. Even a short introduction video gives a huge added value to the text application and brings efficiency and transparency to the process.

2. Reduce the Time Spent on Initial Screening

Going through 20 candidates by phone takes up to 10 hours, while video interviewing only takes about three hours. The most relevant use-case among our users is inviting the candidates to a video interview where the interviewer has prerecorded the questions. The candidates can answer the questions when it suits them, and the only restriction is the deadline.

3. Improve Efficiency by Making the Process Easy for Everyone

Your colleagues who participate in the recruitment process can watch the candidates’ answers anywhere, anytime. This is especially important when multiple interview rounds are planned. You will avoid scheduling issues, and the recruitment process will be significantly faster for everyone.

NB! I have used RecRight’s materials as a source for this blog post. They have a lot of great content about video interviews, so if you want to find out more about the topic, continue reading here.

Use Video Interviews at Your Organization

Did you know that TalentAdore’s end-to-end recruitment software has an amazingly convenient integration with RecRight’s video interview tool?

You can perform all your video interview-related actions inside TalentAdore without logging into RecRight. You can do everything from enabling video interviews and adding video questions to editing the invitation email, inviting candidates, and reviewing their answers.

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Eliza Barkane

Customer Success Team Lead