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TalentAdore Hire is now connected to 5000 job boards in cooperation with VONQ

TalentAdore launches a convenient and candidate-centric job board marketplace for effective candidate outreach in partnership with VONQ.

Helsinki, 26.6.2024, TalentAdore, a forerunner candidate engagement and recruitment software company, has launched its Job Portal Hub. This new functionality offers customers instant access to thousands of global job boards and social media channels in cooperation with VONQ. 

The Job Portal Hub provides a unique e-commerce experience where users can shop and purchase job postings from thousands of media channels globally. They include top job boards like Indeed, Totaljobjs, CV Library, Reed, and Talent.com, industry-specific sites, and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Job Portal Hub provides a platform for users to make informed purchasing decisions, specifically tailored to help them discover a broad range of job seekers. It includes a recommendation engine that uses job-specific data to identify and recommend job boards most relevant to the advertised job. This feature helps users identify and purchase the most appropriate media options to meet their candidate sourcing needs. 

The ability to access a global portfolio of over 5000 job boards and social media channels from within the TalentAdore Hire platform increases the speed and ease with which recruiters can post jobs and source candidates. Users do not have to negotiate their job board contracts and post manually on the job board itself. They can simply post any job to any channel within TalentAdore Hire with a couple of clicks.

“We are excited to introduce the Job Portal Hub to our customers,” exclaimed Saku Valkama, the CEO and Co-founder of TalentAdore. “This innovative functionality empowers our customers to gain access to almost a limitless number of job boards in the world. Thanks to the Job Portal Hub, our customers can be strategically present in the same places where their most potential candidates reside. Our steadfast commitment is to continually assist our customers in discovering more effective ways to connect with top talent globally. With VONQ by our side, we are well on track to achieve this important goal.”

Our collaboration with TalentAdore underscores VONQ’s commitment to continuously providing our customers with innovative solutions and expanding their reach,” said Joren de Koning, VP of Platform Partnerships. “This enhanced feature allows recruiters to quickly and effortlessly explore various job boards and social media platforms, streamlining their recruitment process. It saves valuable time and effort and enriches their sourcing strategy by introducing various channels.”

Benefits of the Job Portal Hub include:

  • Gain quicker access to a global portfolio of over 5000 job boards, niche websites, and social media channels.
  • Increase efficiency and save time by posting jobs without switching between multiple platforms.
  • Diversify your sourcing strategy by buying individual, pay-as-you-go job listings at competitive rates.
  • Receive recommendations on the highest-performing job boards based on historical and industry performance, job function, or region.

TalentAdore Job Marketplace

About TalentAdore

TalentAdore Hire is an advanced Candidate Engagement & Recruitment platform that leverages AI-powered technology to enhance the recruitment and candidate experience. By providing a personalized, transparent, and data-driven approach, TalentAdore Hire enables organizations to attract, engage, and develop top talent. 

Adding the human touch to recruitment pays off. When job candidates feel heard and receive human warmth, up to 70% of them will recommend the hiring company to their social circles.

Today, TalentAdore Hire is used in 24 countries all over the world. More than 30,000 HR professionals have utilized the solution to make their recruitment process more effective and candidate-friendly. Want to be part of them? Request a demo here.

About VONQ

VONQ is a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that simplifies recruitment marketing for enterprises, staffing agencies, and users of applicant tracking systems (ATS), human resource management systems (HRM), and customer relationship management systems (CRM). With an ISO 27001 certification and built on GenAI, VONQ offers job advertising, job distribution, and employer branding services to thousands of customers worldwide. 

Headquartered in Rotterdam with offices in The Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and the USA, VONQ is recognized as a strategic leader in the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition. For more information, visit www.vonq.com  or follow us on LinkedIn.

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