The Top 5 HR Articles for December

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The Top 5 HR Articles for December

Happy New Year to all our readers! TalentAdore would like to take this chance to thank you for supporting us and we hope that you have enjoyed our blog posts.

Before we move forward with 2017, let’s take a look at the top 5 HR articles for December.

1) 5 Work Trends Leaders Can’t Afford To Ignore In 2017 by Meghan M. Biro

What better way to welcome the new year than to prepare yourself for it. Read Meghan M. Biro’s article on the five critical trends that you cannot ignore in 2017. The article is pretty direct and you might not want to believe it, but we can be sure that these trends are going to happen sooner or later. It is really interesting how she breaks the news of leaking talent and keeping up with technology in such a creative way. Meghan is one of my favourite HR professional. She was also included in one of my previous blog post that you can read here: Follow These 10 HR Influencers.

2) Forget Customer Experience, It’s All About The Employee Experience by Tracy Maylett

“Taking care of the customer is our number-one priority.” How many times have you heard this phrase? Tracy Maylett tells an interesting story about Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX). Employee experience might be new to some of you but it is time to embrace the importance of candidate experience and talent engagement. Customer Experience (CX) has worked in the past, but this single-minded approach doesn’t cut it any more. Maybe it’s time to think “Employee Experience” (EX) first.

Read the article to find out about her short encounter with this particular bakery. Your employees are your company’s brand. You can kill two birds with one stone by focusing on a good employee experience which results in your employees wanting to provide a great customer experience.

3) The Gift of HR Knowledge by Andi Cale

This will be a great start to your HR journey as you look through this list of HR-related books. HR is an essential topic in the business world these days and you should definitely familiarise yourself with it. This article includes a brief list of titles for you to choose from – whether you want to expand your HR knowledge, enhance your skills or take steps to earn SHRM recertification credits, these selections will help you further your goals and increase your value. Taking the time to read them will also give you an opportunity to reflect on where you are and where you see yourself heading as you progress in your HR role.

4) How Keeping a Human Element in Your Hiring Process Sets You Up for Success by Kes Thygesen 

“Smart companies engage top job candidates by making a personal connection and finding ways to move more quickly on key decisions.” Do you agree with this statement? You will be able to find more and more articles regarding employer branding and candidate experience. The secret to doing this is to bring the human element back into recruitment. The article has a few relevant approaches that you can use for recruitment while at the same time making it more personal. Some approaches include starting an employee referral program, creating a talent mobility program, making the most out of your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and using interactive screening techniques.

5) The Big Disconnect in Your Talent Strategy and How to Fix It by John Boudreau, Mara Swan and Amy Doyle

This article is highly informative as it tells us more about the different aspects of a talent system. If you want to first find out more about the importance of a talent system and how the whole system actually works, read this article. The three writers were also able to identify the disconnection and explain to us why it exists.

Lastly, here are the five lessons the writers have learned for driving a new, integrated approach to talent:

  • understand your current workforce reality,
  • educate leaders on how and why to optimize a blended workforce,
  • create one integrated workforce strategy,
  • break the silos between HR and Procurement,
  • and extend the insights beyond talent acquisition decisions.