Follow These 10 HR Influencers

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Follow These 10 HR Influencers

There are many human resources (HR) professionals who are behind the success of a company.

These HR leaders have much experience in what it takes to nurture and manage employees, employer branding, recruitment marketing and what not. These top HR influencers are managing their social media accounts and focusing on their career. They never stop learning, and we should learn from them as well.

In this article, we will be listing the top 10 HR influencers we think you should follow as they have some exciting Twitter feeds.

1.With over 1 million followers on twitter, Lolly Daskal is one of the most popular HR influencers to follow. Lolly expresses her thoughts regarding HR often via Twitter, and she is dedicated to bringing heart-based leadership to everyone. We absolutely believe in leading from within as well. Not only does Lolly tweets often, but she also writes on a few platforms such as Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

Connect with Lolly here: https://twitter.com/LollyDaskal

2. Dave Millner runs the @HRCurator account on twitter, along with his personal account. As a HR professional at IBM, it must be so time-consuming to do so, but he somehow maintains both accounts! @HRCurator often retweets HR accounts, which makes it simple to find out all about HR just by visiting his twitter account!

Connect with Dave here: https://twitter.com/HRCurator

3.As the CEO of Talent Culture, Meghan has a very active twitter account as well. It is a must to follow her if you would like to read more articles related to HR. Meghan often tweets interesting articles, which would save you a lot of trouble rather than having to research the articles yourself. Find out about being an entrepreneur and HR technology from her as well!

Connect with Meghan here: https://twitter.com/MeghanMBiro

4.Mike Haberman is a human resources consultant who helps small businesses to solve people issues. If you have yet to read his blog posts, check them out as they are really interesting. Keep up to date with the latest The Mike Haberman Daily by following him on Twitter as well!

Connect with Mike here: https://twitter.com/MikeHaberman

5.Are you curious about how you can strengthen your business culture and improve your team dynamics? Check out Gorman’s feed to find out how the Board Member of Universum feels about treating everyone equally and the importance of personalisation. You can also find some interesting tweets regarding talent management and engagement.

Connect with Gorman here: https://twitter.com/ChinaGorman

6.As her Twitter handle suggests, Alison Green allows us to understand what managers and supervisors are thinking when they make certain decisions. This is a very interesting perspective of HR, and I am sure it will enlighten you on some issues. She has experience in hiring, firing, promoting, managing and consulting. Check Alison out if you would like the best of both worlds – understanding the viewpoint of an employee and an employer.

Connect with Alison here: https://twitter.com/AskAManager

7.Laurie Ruettimann is a girl full of wit and humour. As the founder of Glitch Path, she has also published a book – I Am HR: 5 Strategic Ways to Break Stereotypes and Reclaim HR. Laurie is also the host of #failchat on Mondays at 1PM ET. You definitely want to follow her to find out more about her views on HR.

Connect with Laurie here: https://twitter.com/lruettimann

8. Dan McCarthy is an expert in leadership and management development. Not only is he the Director of Executive Development Programs at University of New Hampshire (UNH), but he also maintains a very active blog and twitter account to express his views. This is another great account to follow if you would like to find out more about leadership and HR from a manager’s perspective.

Connect with Dan here: https://twitter.com/greatleadership

9. Craig Fisher leads employer branding at CA Technologies, and he is the author of Inbound Recruiting. Definitely follow Craig if you would like to see another side of HR that is not commonly portrayed and advocated by influencers. Check out Craig’s feed if you would like to find out more about the importance of employer branding and inbound recruiting.

Connect with Craig here: https://twitter.com/Fishdogs

10. Bryan Chaney works at Inside Indeed and has a very strong passion in HR. He focuses on employer branding, recruitment marketing and talent sourcing. These three points are vital in ensuring your company’s HR department is going strong. Follow Bryan to be kept up to date regarding such issues.

Connect with Bryan here: https://twitter.com/bryanchaney

These HR influencers will share tips and ideas with you on how to better manage your company’s HR department, so check them out!

Are there any other HR influencers that you are following? Share with us in the comments down below.