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TalentAdore Launches Mobile User Interface for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Over the past few years, we have experienced a strong, rapid increase in mobile usage. It is natural because mobile devices are close to us almost 24/7 and provide access to limitless resources on the internet.

Based on our stats, we can see that more and more candidates are using their mobile phones to explore job ads and send applications. At the same time, recruiters and hiring managers have expressed a growing need for an efficient way to perform simple recruiting tasks on mobile devices, such as screening new applications and sending messages.

To serve the needs of our users even better and make recruitment more efficient, we have launched a mobile-optimized user interface for our applicant tracking system (ATS). The whole solution has always been accessible by mobile device, but to make the usage much more convenient, we have deliberately chosen the most vital functionalities and created an app-like user interface for them. Now, recruiters and hiring managers can easily handle the most important recruitment tasks on their mobile devices.

Candidates can continue applying as normal because they have always been able to apply for jobs through our solution on their mobile phones. We are also constantly finding new ways to make the application process simpler for candidates and introducing innovative solutions, such as an AI-based chatbot, to make it happen.

Below, we briefly describe our new mobile user interface (UI) and the amazing benefits it brings to your recruitment processes.

How the Mobile UI Works in TalentAdore

TalentAdore’s mobile UI consists of five pages: Home, Positions, Applications, Search, and Settings. The look and feel are similar to the already familiar web version of the solution. The key functionalities are designed in such a way that they are easy-to-use even for those who have not encountered TalentAdore before.

Take a look at our short video to get a glimpse of the mobile UI available for both Android and iOS users!

The mobile UI allows you to manage your recruitment processes on the go. You can for example

  • pre-screen new applications
  • leave internal notes
  • assign tasks
  • change candidate’s status in the recruitment flow
  • send emails
  • call or message directly from your phone

Why Hiring Managers Love the New UI

Quick decision-making and rapid communication with both your colleagues and candidates lead to reduced application handling time.

Our intuitive user interface is well-suited for hiring managers because it is simple and includes only the key functionalities. Hiring managers can find only the features they need without unnecessary bells and whistles distracting them from the job. Moreover, the mobile-optimized UI is a perfect solution for those users who do not spend most of the day close to a computer.

Easy access to the application pool increases efficiency and collaboration among all involved parties. At the same time, quick decision-making and rapid communication with both your colleagues and candidates lead to reduced application handling time.

Do you want to learn more?

If you are an existing TalentAdore customer and want to start using the mobile UI plugin, please contact us via email at support@talentadore. Our Customer Success team will provide you with more specific information and help introduce the mobile UI to the rest of your organization.

If you are not yet using TalentAdore’s modern end-to-end recruitment software and want to see how it works in practice, please book a demo below.

Eliza Elskena

Head of People & Culture