Meet Our People – Thu Nguyen

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Meet Our People - Thu Nguyen

Hi, my name is Thu Nguyen and I am working at TalentAdore as a Software Developer.

I am originally from Vietnam but I have stayed and studied my Bachelor degree in Finland for more than 4 years. Finland to me is like a second home. I love the country, the people and the lifestyle here a lot.

I joined TalentAdore in the beginning of January 2017, initially as an intern and now, officially a member of TalentAdore family.

While my bachelor degree is in Business Information Technology, working here has provided with the excellent environment to improve both my business and IT knowledge that I have learnt in the university.

When I was looking for an internship place, I came across a lot of difficulties that I am sure many job seekers are facing nowadays. Having applied for several different places, I get frustrated when I have to wait for a couple of months for my application to be reviewed by the companies.

For some certain situations I had to wait for 3 months to get a reply from recruiters just to get a general email explaining nothing relevant to my application. I know many of my friends who experienced the same problem and thus have a negative view of the companies they had applied to.

The current way of recruiting by most companies actually leave a bad impact on their applicants without them knowing. This will result in a loss of many potential customers. This old recruitment practice needs to be changed, thus programming and designing a better way of recruitment has been an inspiration for me when I joined TalentAdore.

I have a deeply curious nature, which results in me having a lot of hobbies. When I was in secondary school, I had my first computer. When I explored that computer, I had a genuine interest in how people can create such sophisticated software. This is one of the reason I choose to pursue the Software Development career.