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The Year of Fast Growth at TalentAdore 2018

The year 2018 was full of inspiration and growth on many levels. We hired new talented team members and a professional board, and we started cooperation with many new innovative customers and partners.

Based on customer feedback, we kept improving our product and brought it to a totally new level. The most exciting thing was that we launched AI matching. It transforms how recruitment is traditionally done, not only making recruitment more efficient but also ensuring that no great candidate is accidentally overlooked.

Keep reading to learn more details about our year 👉

One-Family Team Kept Growing

Last year, we were able to hire some great talent who share the same mindset as the rest of the team. We have now five nationalities on the team. How great is that?

We all have different personalities, but we have many similar values in life, and we all want to make a big impact on society. These are the new lovely people who I am lucky to call my colleagues:

  1. Mari as Head of Customer Success
  2. Sanni as Customer Success Manager
  3. Eliza as Customer Success Trainee
  4. Hassaan as Software Developer
  5. Roni as Account Manager

I would also personally like to thank the whole TalentAdore team for their effort last year. We wouldn’t be where we are as a company without them. What I appreciate a lot is that each our team members works with a full heart every single day ❤

Professional Board Was Formed

During the fall 2018, we built a new board. Mikael Frisk was chosen as the Chairman of the Board, and we could not be happier. He brings years of HR and leadership experience to our company. He previously worked as the Senior Vice President of HR at Fortum and Vice President of HR at Nokia.

Mikko Seppäläinen also joined our board. He has fifteen years of experience in international business and over ten years of experience in consulting. He was the founder of two start-ups, so he brings great expertise to advance our company.

Our Customers Modernize Recruitment

It’s all about the experience for our customers and their candidates alike.

We are excited to cooperate with many visionary companies and responsible employers. Last year, we started a cooperation with the companies below, among others:

 VTT, Destia, Happy or not, Tamro, Nosto, CCEA, Minjon, Roima Intelligence, Tuomi Logistiikka, Länsiauto,  Plan International, Tommi Mäkinen Racing, Fondia, Intotalo

We appreciate each one of our customers and are delighted to deliver superior candidate experiences together.

In the autumn of 2018, the candidate experience of all of our customers’ rejected candidates was rated as 4.2./5. That’s pretty good considering that these are the experiences of rejected candidates!

A More Emphatic and Efficient Recruitment Process

Our product, the Virtual Recruitment Assistant, is better than ever! It empowers companies to create more emphatic and efficient recruitment processes.

We added several functionalities, but I would like to introduce a few of them to you:

  • The Recommendation Engine enables AI matching and ensures that no great candidate is accidentally overlooked
  • Status updates (automatic messages for candidates) are customizable per position and can be used for even better recruitment marketing
  • The Hiring Manager view and other roles simplify recruitment for all stakeholders
  • The Talent Community was enhanced with, for example, referrals and linking candidates to active recruitment processes
  • Integrations to job boards such as Duunitori, Oikotie, and Mol.fi were added
  • GDPR automatization allows employers to send candidate information with one link if she/he requests to see it
  • Improved internal collaboration was achieved with personal and delegated tasks and @ tagging opportunity in notes

Request a demo to see how our recruitment system works or read more about our product here.

Inspiration through Events and Networks

We love to meet other HR and recruitment professionals to brainstorm great ideas together. We are also eager to share best practices for modern recruitment. Thus, we organize breakfast seminars and other events every year to do just that.

We also believe in partnership and accomplishing more together! Last year, we partnered with Integrata and SAP, among others. Integrata can help you with your HR processes and systems, payroll management, workforce management, and even with Leadership as a Service . We are happy to partner with them and also have them as our customer. Such a great group of professionals!

More about our partnership with SAP below in this blog post 👉

Breakfast Seminars Bring HR Professionals Together

We held three breakfast seminars last year, and I have to say, we had a lot of fun. We received very positive feedback from the participants, which was a great signal for us to keep organizing these get-togethers.

At each of our events, we had a guest speaker to bring a new perspective to the main topic. We were honored to have these amazing speakers present:

  • Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen, CEO of Dain Studios (Event: Artificial Intelligence & Data in Recruitment)
  • Tobias Bräutigam, Head of the data protection group Bird & Bird (Event: GDPR in Recruitment)
  • Tiina Riippi, restaurant and recruitment expert (Event: Recruitment in the Restaurant Industry)

Thank you all! Follow us on social media to sign up for our future events. We will always publish our open events there.

Partnering with SAP

We have now integrated with SAP SuccessFactors! You can also find us in the SAP App Center. The items below are the main benefits of our solution for SAP SuccessFactors users.

  • Up to 70% of all your rejected candidates will recommend you to their social circles
  • Hiring managers will perform their work in a timely manner and with higher motivation
  • Workflow automation will free you time to focus on the most essential: the people
  • With AI matching and a superior candidate experience, you will attract better candidates and receive fewer irrelevant applications
  • The analytics go beyond what traditional ATSs offer — for example, you will measure candidate experience in real-time

Would you like to streamline your recruitment process? Request a demo. 

A lot has changed in a year, but what hasn’t and will not is our mission. Now and in the future, we bring the human touch back to recruitment.

Want to be part of our one-family team and make the world a better place? Apply to work with us. We are currently searching for a Customer Success Specialist and Full-Stack Developer. We will also launch our brand new Trainee Program soon, so stay tuned!

To keep up-to-date, check out our careers page.


CMO of TalentAdore

Miira Leinonen


Passionate about creating compelling stories and enhancing the world of recruitment. Helping companies to improve their Employer Brand with modern recruitment methods and superior Candidate Experience.