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10 AI Recruitment Tools for 2023

Artificial intelligence is currently one of the most talked-about topics. If you haven't already considered how AI can benefit you, it's time to start exploring its potential.

Recruitment is one area where AI can bring significant benefits, from crafting more compelling job ads to connecting and communicating with suitable candidates. There are numerous AI-powered tools available that can streamline the recruitment process.

We have compiled a list of ten AI-based recruitment tools to help you stay ahead of the curve and tap into the full potential of AI for recruitment.

  1. TalentAdore Hire 
  2. Metaview
  3. Pymetrics
  4. Entelo
  5. HireVue
  6. Fetcher
  7. SeekOut
  8. Turing
  9. MyInterview
  10. Textio

Let’s dig in! 👇🤩

1. TalentAdore Hire

Send AI-assisted, personalized feedback messages to all candidates

TalentAdore Hire removes bottlenecks in recruitment one by one. This frees up time to focus on the moments that matter and create an exceptional candidate experience.

With TalentAdore Hire, you can

  • Send AI-assisted 100% personalized feedback messages and timely status updates for your candidates
  • Handle your end-to-end recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions, building talent communities, and pre-onboarding new hires before their first day at the office 
  • Gather data on how the candidate experience and the efficiency of the recruitment process develop with time

Read more about TalentAdore Hire or request a demo straight away! 

TalentAdore Hire for AI-assisted candidate communication2. Metaview

Automate your interview notes and insights 

Metaview automatically writes your interview notes for you so you can save time and focus on high-quality interactions with candidates.

With Metaview, you can

  •  automatically capture interviews through your calendar, ATS, GoodTime, Calendly, or any other tools you use
  • get bullet points on candidates’ responses to each of your question 
  • make your notes better with time since after every interview, based on your feedback, the AI tailors and improves itself to get closer to your specific needs

Read more about Metaview! 

3. Pymetrics

Match talent to the right jobs by replacing archaic resumes with behavioral data

Pymetrics uses gamified behavioral assessments to evaluate the entire talent lifecycle. Don’t judge internal or external talent by their resume alone.

With Pymetrics, you can

  • collect objective cognitive and behavioral data that measures everyone’s true potential
  • evaluate job seekers for any role within your company, and ultimately, any role in the pymetrics ecosystem 
  • broaden your understanding of someone’s potential by adding numerical & logical reasoning

Read more about Pymetrics!

4. Entelo

Discover underrepresented, diverse talent pools in minutes 

Entelo empowers your organization to reap the benefits of building diverse teams. Surface top candidates from under-represented groups based on gender, race, ethnicity, and veteran status. 

With Entelo, you can

  • filter search results to surface the best candidates from underrepresented groups with speed and efficiency
  • hide and anonymize candidate information commonly associated with different forms of bias 
  • automatically highlight non-inclusive language in the body of your email and receive suggestions for improvement

Read more about Entelo!

5. HireVue

Widen your funnel with chat-based job matching & automate other parts of hiring

HireVue is a talent experience platform designed to automate workflows and make scaling hiring easy. Solution’s text-powered recruiting assistant enables your hiring teams to do more with less. 

With HireVue, you can

  • allow your candidates to find the best-fit job using O*NET job matching
  • utilize live and on-demand video interviewing to speed and scale your hiring
  • get insight into candidate skills and potential through the power of game-based, interview-based, and coding assessments

Read more about HireVue!

AI Recruitment Tools for Recruiters to Boost Hiring6. Fetcher 

Source candidates and engage with automated emails

Fetcher automates candidate sourcing and outreach, giving you more bandwidth to focus on the human side of recruiting. Ditch the databases for custom, curated batches of diverse, top talent.

With Fetcher, you can 

  • receive candidates in curated batches, rather than having to dig through a database
  • engage candidates quickly by reaching out any time of day, from anyone in your company
  • gain visibility into how many candidates are at each stage, the effectiveness of your emails, and your full team’s performance

Read more about Fetcher!

7. SeekOut

Match applicants across job requirements and get insight into your talent pools

SeekOut uses AI and machine learning to combine all your talent data into one comprehensive platform so recruiters can quickly find and hire the most qualified candidates. 

With SeekOut, you can 

  • get access to millions of candidate profiles to search by specific experience, unique skills, licenses, and more
  • upload your job description and let SeekOut’s AI Matching find candidates who meet your role requirements
  • reduce bias and evaluate fairly with advanced filters that hide identifying information

Read more about SeekOut!

8. Turing

Hire senior deeply-vetted developers

Turing’s  AI-powered deep-vetting platform—the Talent Cloud—matches clients with remote engineers and other tech experts to solve complex business problems. 

With Turing, you can 

  • get consulted on your specific project needs to build a dedicated development team
  • source, vet, match, and manage the best remote software developers in the world
  • get more visibility into your remote developer’s work with automatic time tracking & virtual daily stand-ups

Read more about Turing!

Harness the best AI tools for recruitmentWant to learn more about AI in recruitment? Download our AI guide for free. 

9. MyInterview

Make your job interviews smarter

MyInterview’s machine learning algorithms fueled by diverse data scan every video to reveal the hidden gems that perfectly match what you’re looking for. 

With MyInterview, you can 

  • get each video analyzed for soft skills, personality traits, and keywords so you can tell which candidates match your company vibe, while reducing the risk of bias
  • use simple and robust, personality profiling tools to gain deeper insights into each candidate
  • filter candidates based on keywords or specific industry terms and jump to the specific points in each video where your selected keyword has been said

Read more about MyInterview! 

10. Textio

Eliminate bias in job posts, sourcing mail, and employer brand content

Textio guides recruiting teams to quickly optimize job posts and candidate outreach with inclusive, on-brand language. 

With Textio, you can

  • optimize job posts to appeal to the broadest range of candidates
  • scale an employer brand that stays consistent with your company values
  • write job posts faster, with less back-and-forth between teams

Read more about Textio! 

Don’t forget about ChatGPT! It can also be used in recruitment for many purposes. Please read our blog post to learn how to utilize ChatGPT for your hiring processes. 

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