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The Benefits of Using AI in Recruitment

Over the next decade, AI will heavily affect how we attract, hire and retain talent. But why should you use AI in recruitment in the first place? Find here top 5 reasons.


1. Improve the Quality and Objectivity of Recruitment

As a human being, the recruiter is always biased. For example, recruiter A could hire a candidate that recruiter B would not even invite to a job interview. A lot of recruitment is done based on feelings, and the criteria are often quite arbitrary.

AI can help in determining unbiased criteria for a candidate.

AI can bring an unbiased view to the recruitment process. For example, AI can help recognize what type of a candidate would fit the team and what skills the team lacks or suggest how good a fit a candidate is for a certain position.

2. Attract the Right Candidates and Receive Less Irrelevant Applications

Attracting the most suitable candidate is an important goal for any organization. While there are plenty of ways to attract candidates and new methods are often introduced, job ads still have their place.

But what happens if the job ad doesn’t give the right impression? You may receive many applications but not the right ones. You end up with more work and fewer quality candidates.

AI can help you by giving tips for writing the job ad, or even write the job ad for you. Also, chatbots and matching technology can be used for directing candidates to apply for relevant jobs and also do the pre-screening on your behalf.

With AI Chatbot, you can hire candidates also for hidden roles.

AI chatbot can enable an opportunity to offer hidden positions to candidates that meet certain criteria. In other words, it empowers a company to hire candidates also for secret projects without revealing what kind of positions are open.

Let’s look at an example. Company A needs a cybersecurity professional, but it does not advertise such a position publicly. However, if a potential candidate were to chat with an AI chatbot and show his or her ability to succeed in a cybersecurity role, the bot can inform the company about the candidate. In the best case scenario, the candidate can agree to an interview with the company through the chatbot.

3. No Longer Overlook Candidates

Did you know that tons of books teach candidates what type of keywords they should use and how they can hack their CVs? Why are these books so popular? Because candidates want to stand out from the crowd.

Without AI, recruiters are forced to search for candidates from a database with just certain keywords. Thus, there is a huge risk that a great candidate will be neglected. That candidate may have the right experience or skills for the position but has not used the “right” keywords in his CV, so the recruiter won’t find him—or won’t find him fast enough.

No candidate needs to be a professional job seeker.

AI can help review candidates without relying on keywords. Instead, it can look at the candidates’ documents as a whole and see the expertise and skills behind the individual words being used. Thus, AI can assist in ensuring that no candidate is accidentally overlooked.

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4. Save Time and Fill Positions Faster

Very common problem in recruitment is that the process lasts too long. The best candidates disappear when they get a job offer from another company that is able to move faster. Wouldn’t you want to make your recruitment processes more efficient and not frustrate both yourself and your candidates?

Based on a study of Ideal, HR managers say they lose in average of 14 hours a week because they need to manually complete tasks that could be automated. AI can truly save you time in different parts of the recruitment process, especially with writing text, analyzing candidates, and when communicating with them. With recommendations from AI, you can contact the most suitable candidates first and fill the open position faster.

Last but not least, by automating manual work in the recruitment process, you have more time to focus on what matters the most: the people.

5. Enhance the Candidate Experience and Employer Brand

I am sure you would love to communicate with your candidates and provide a superior experience to each of them. However, you have a limited amount of time, and sending messages manually just consumes way too much time.

Communication with candidates significantly improves candidate experience and in the end, enhances your employer brand. Based on the study by Career Arc, 69% of the job seekers believe the response time to candidates awaiting a recruiting decision can be improved the most.

With AI, you can communicate with job candidates even when you have thousands of applicants every year. AI chatbots can answer to candidates questions automatically. Natural Language Processing technology (NLP) can help give personalized feedback to each candidate and AI matching can recommend the most suitable positions for your candidates even before you talk with them.

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