Here are our favorite three articles from June 2019. These articles have been chosen to help you as an HR professional. Grow your knowledge and get tips to succeed in your field of work.

9 Challenges HR Is Facing in the Near Future

HR professionals state 9 challenges that will change or is already changing recruitment and company image.

“Recruitment processes are the first interface of candidates with the company and this need to be the best of all. The employer must sell the organization to the candidate and the boarding candidate must also feel elated on joining the same.”

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Artificial Intelligence for HR – Ready or Not, It Is the Future of Work

Jeanne Meister, founding partner of Future Workplace, an AI advisory, explains what to consider and how to define the tools that are the best for your company.

“Even if we’re already living in an AI-driven future, it doesn’t mean your organization should rush to embrace all of the latest and greatest tools.”

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4 Tips for Writing Better Job Posts (Plus Before and After Examples)

Katrina Kibben, CEO and founder of Three Ears Media gives great tips on how to improve in writing job postings.

“Katrina’s company is dedicated to helping recruiters write better job posts. After spending years helping Fortune 100 firms shape their brand content, she decided that every company deserves the tools to tell their story in a way that connects with candidates in a more human way.”

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Writer: Sini Noronen