We are super excited to announce that a new Advanced Analytics functionality is now launched in TalentAdore’s Virtual Recruitment Assistant.

This brand-new functionality will help you to get more detailed information about applications, candidate experience, recruitment efficiency, and Talent Community. In this blog post, we will tell you more about these fascinating data points.


  • Do your candidates use their mobile phones to apply for a job?
  • How do your candidates find your job ads and what are your most successful channels?

On the “Dashboard” page, you see the information of the devices used to apply and from what source did the candidate apply for the position. This data can be filtered based on different time frames, such as ‘past 30 days’, ‘past year’, and ‘all time’.

Advance analytics TalentAdore


  • Which of your positions attract the most candidates?
  • How relevant are your candidates based on your evaluations?

On the “Applications” page, you see stats related to applications and positions, e.g. the number of positions, new applications, most applied positions, average application per position and much more data from your recruitments. This data can be filtered based on different time frames.

Candidate Feedback

  • What do your candidates think of your recruitment process?
  • Which words do they mostly use in their written feedback?

On the Candidate Feedback page, you see the total amount of feedback and the average rating given. You are also able to see the “feedback word cloud” and explore the written feedback. This data can be filtered based on different positions and time frames.


  • How efficient is your hiring process?
  • How many tasks have been completed?

On the “Efficiency” page, you see the positions, tasks, feedback, applications, and interviews. This data can be filtered based on different users and time frames.

Talent Community

  • How many talents have you had in your Talent Community?
  • How many referrals do you receive?

On the “Talent Community” page, you see the total number of talents in the talent community, the number of confirmed talents and the total number of referrals. This data can be filtered based on different time frames.

Searching for a modern and intuitive recruitment software that can help you to make your recruitment process more efficient? The advanced analytics described above are a seamless part of our end-to-end recruitment software, the Virtual Recruitment Assistant.

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