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Candidate Experience

Webinar: Boost your business with superior Candidate Experience

What is Candidate Experience? How to Improve your Candidate Experience in practice?

We organized a webinar about Candidate Experience in April 2017. We were pleasantly surprised by how many people could attend! For the ones who could not join, we made a recording.

In the webinar, we went through all this – and more:

  • The importance of candidate experience
  • What is the impact on your business
  • Study Statistics, Data, and Examples
  • How to Improve your candidate experience in practice

Watch the recording whenever & wherever you want! Utilize this opportunity to receive some great tips from the Co-founders of TalentAdore, Saku Valkama and Joni Latvala. You can watch the webinar either in English or in Finnish. Take a look:

The webinar in English:

The webinar in Finnish:


Miira Leinonen


Passionate about creating compelling stories and enhancing the world of recruitment. Helping companies to improve their Employer Brand with modern recruitment methods and superior Candidate Experience.