Top Five HR Articles from March 2017

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Top Five HR Articles from March 2017

I had such a tough time choosing my favourite five articles. I literally had about 20 tabs opened in my browser. In the end, I settled for a diverse range of topics to make it more interesting for you to read.

1) “10 Rules For Recognition That Increase Employee Commitment” by Shawn Murphy

This article is great because rather than just sharing the benefits of employee commitment, it also shares some rules that you can follow to increase employee commitment. Businesses benefit from leveraging human nature, and a culture of recognition benefits both employees and businesses.

The article shares some business-related outcomes, such as less turnover, better financial returns, more innovative ideas, and positive workplace climates.

Murphy also shares ten rules to help you appreciate what people do, which will lead to an increase in employee commitment.

  1. Recognise employees within one week of the event
  2. Recognise employees publicly
  3. Focus on behaviours
  4. Use a 7:1 ratio
  5. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition
  6. Use technology
  7. Measure the impact
  8. Make it unique
  9. Encourage sharing
  10. Give an experience

Read the article to get an in-depth explanation of this issue. I hope that you will be able to benefit from it!

Read more here: http://www.humanresourcestoday.com/?open-article-id=6397038&article-title=10-rules-for-recognition-that-increase-employee-commitment&blog-domain=successfactors.com&blog-title=successfactors

2) “3 Onboarding Tips That Close the Gap for Remote Employees” by Chris Byers

As more companies become open to the idea of working remotely, more and more employees do not even have to visit the office on the first day of work. As much as there many different benefits to having remote employees, these employees might also be unable to fit into your company culture because there is no proper onboarding process. This article shares some strategies to foster engagement and peak performance.

There are three onboarding strategies to keep your remote employees happy and performing at their best.

  1. Set up regular check-ins
  2. Create opportunities for team-building
  3. Create opportunities for team-building

Learn how to create a better onboarding process for your remote employees by reading this article. A good onboarding process for remote employees will go a long way toward making them feel like an important part of the team.

Read more here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/285866

3) ‘‘The ‘Whys’ of Why You Should Consider HR Software for Your Small Business” by Anna Johansson

This is an excellent article that you should read if you are still wondering if you need HR software. Software used for marketing, management, and so on is often bought without a thought and deemed a necessity. However, human resources software is also a necessity for your company.

Anna Johansson explains what HR software is. In its simplest form, HR software means specific platforms that combine different systems and processes to ensure a business’s employees are readily accessible when needed and data is properly stored.

There are also some benefits to using HR software.

  • Cost savings
  • Better use of time
  • More accurate insights
  • Surprisingly cost-effective

Find out more by reading the article, and hopefully, it will help you to make the right choice as to which HR software you should use!

Read more here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/290771

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4) “Building Trust Between Your Employees and Freelancers” by Jon Younger and Michael Kearns

I previously mentioned the increase of freelancers in society as one of the trends for 2017. As mentioned, there can be huge benefits for the company and freelancers to work together. However, having a blended workforce creates special challenges that most managers aren’t prepared to deal with. The trend in hiring freelancers can cause certain issues as well. As a result, performance suffers because there is a lack of trust between your employees and freelancers.

To avoid these problems, organisations need to consistently build trust between internal employees and external employees. Here are five practices that can help foster trust and promote collaboration on your blended teams.

  1. Clearly communicate your company’s blended workforce vision
  2. Make employees part of the process of workforce design
  3. Look for more than technical expertise
  4. Ensure an effective onboarding process for freelancers
  5. Give managers tools to build blended teams

Read more here: https://hbr.org/2017/03/building-trust-between-your-employees-and-freelancers

5) “3 Things to Know About Employee Experience” by Jacob Morgan

Employee experience is the latest trend taking over the world of HR. In fact, we’ve even seen new roles emerge around this trend, such as global chief employee experience officer or head of employee experience.

This article shares three things you need to know about employee experience.

  1. Experience and engagement are not the same thing
  2. Experience is a combination of three factors
  3. Experience brings return on investment—lots of it

If you would like to find out more about employee experience, this is the perfect article for you.

Read more here: https://www.shrm.org/hr-today/news/hr-magazine/0317/Pages/3-things-to-know-about-employee-experience-.aspx