Tips to Improve Your Employer Brand

Employer Branding

Tips to Improve Your Employer Brand

Our article “Five Reasons Why Employer Branding Is Important” received really great feedback. The article explained why employer branding is so important and why you should place emphasis on it. Continuing from that article, I will be sharing some tips on how you can improve your employer brand.

Once again, let’s start with the definition of employer branding. It refers to how your company is being viewed by others—key shareholders, employees, and the public. The employer brand is affected by things such as how the company conducts itself in the market and how good the employer is to its employees. All these issues will lead to a general perception of your company in the eyes of others. Take a look at our blog5 Reasons Why Employer Branding Is Important.

Here are eight tips to follow to improve your employer brand.

1 Stay Updated

The first step to acing your employer brand is to ensure that you know how the general public perceives your company. Web sites such as Glassdoor are a good way to stay updated about your employer brand. You could even collect testimonials and upload them online.

2 Utilise Employees

If you already have an outstanding employer brand, get your employees to be advocates for your company. It should not take long before your employees have spread positive messages about your company.

3 Company Culture

A strong company culture is the basis of any employer brand. A good company culture and enviable workplace environment will motivate your employees and keep them engaged. It also attracts more top talent, which will help to build a positive image for your company externally.

4 Individual Growth

The growth of your employees will also reflect on your employer brand, so you should promote individual growth. When your employees build their personal brand through platforms like Facebook or Instagram, they are spreading the word about your company as well. Their personalised feedback and achievements will be a great example for potential candidates about what they should expect from your company. Your employees’ success will also encourage and attract talent to your company.

5 Communicate

Communicating with your employees and being transparent with them is highly beneficial in building a strong employer brand. Involve your employees in all aspects of the business and value their opinions and ideas.

6 Embrace Technology

Technology enables you to constantly improve your employer brand and stay up to date with your competitors. You should try to incorporate software and systems into your business as much as possible. Some examples include making use of social media and blogging platforms.This is where TalentAdore’s solution will help companies. Our Virtual Recruitment Assistant allows recruiters to provide 100% personalised feedback and status updates to all candidates. The end to end recruiting system enables recruiters to streamline their hiring process all in one place, creating a job advertisement and managing the company’s talent pipeline. We help you to make your job easier. Let us show you how.

7 Vision and Values

This point is essential not only for your employer brand but for your business as well. Your company should have a clear, defined vision and a set of values that underpin this vision. You should also ensure that employees fully understand these visions and values for them to uphold the company’s image.

8 Recruitment Process

Have a well-planned recruitment process and treat all candidates like your customers. This way, all potential candidates will speak well of your company even if they were not hired, and this type of feedback says a lot about your employer brand. For example, you could start by taking the time to respond to all job candidates. If they have taken the time to apply for the role, they deserve to hear back from you one way or other.

Building your employer brand might seem complex, but it is actually pretty simple. You have almost all the resources; you just have to utilise them!