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Take Employer Branding to the next level: 3 ways to differentiate with your employer brand in 2022

Recruiting field has gone through a massive shift in recent years. As the competition for professionals has tightened, companies have had to take action and find new avenues and ways for talent attraction.

Every company that is serious in their efforts to attract top level skill is already investing in employer branding. But how can you ensure competitive advantage in a recruitment market, where merely doing employer branding isn’t a unique selling point in itself?

We’ve got the answers – integrate these three points into your EB strategy and reap the benefits of a distinct employer brand.

1. Fix the foundation – best candidate experience is the key for skill-driven growth

Applying for jobs is time consuming and a conscious employer aims to make their application process as clear as possible.

As is the case with other areas of business operations, magic tricks won’t work in employer branding either if there are cracks in your foundation.

A good metric for a successful recruitment is that both the selected and rejected candidates would recommend applying for your company. Only by investing in an end-to-end modern and transparent candidate experience can you attain a desirable employer brand.

Applying for jobs is time consuming and a conscious employer aims to make their application process as clear as possible. A technically sound entity coupled with an inspiring job advertisement will guarantee that your dream applicant won’t slip through your fingers.

A clear and informative job advertisement written from the perspective of the ideal candidate will lower the threshold for applying and inspire interest towards your open position and you as an employer.

We are living in an age of mobile devices – for a lion’s share of job seekers their first touch with your open vacancy will be via a mobile device and a growing number of people also opt to apply using their smartphones. A mobile friendly recruitment software is a must in 2022. 

The application form itself also needs to serve the recruitment at hand – evaluate carefully, what information is essential. Long and tedious application forms may cause an adverse reaction in applicants and even lead to them not applying altogether.

According to a research conducted by Duunitori in 2020 up to 56 % of applicants wished for more information regarding the advancement of the recruitment process. A timely and high quality candidate communication strategy is one of the pillars of a successful employer brand.

You can achieve an exceptional candidate experience with TalentAdore Hire. Our applicant tracking system enables automated messaging, customized application forms and individually tailored career pages. As you take your candidate experience to the next level and improve your employer brand, you also free up the valuable time of your recruiters so they can focus on their core tasks and other important areas of recruitment and HR.

Job seekers in 2022 are more informed than ever and value personal touch in recruitment. One of TalentAdore Hire’s unique features is it’s patented AI assisted feedback technology which provides each candidate with a fully personalized feedback.  Automatization and efficiency doesn’t equate to impersonal in TalentAdore!

2. See the value in onboarding – employer brand is built throughout the entire employment

Organizations that invest in their onboarding processes improve the retention of their new hires by up to 82 %!

Attractive employer brand is built throughout your employees entire employment. When you have managed to attract and secure your newest team member it is equally important to commit them to you.

Thorough and systematic onboarding is vital. According to a survey by Glassdoor, organizations that invest in their onboarding processes improve the retention of their new hires by up to 82 %!

With TalentAdore’s pre-onboarding module the onboarding of your newest hire begins before the first day at work. With pre-onboarding you can solve challenges in onboarding, such as information overload, while simultaneously integrating and engaging your newest employee.

3. Engage your entire organization – make employer branding a part of your strategy

An attractive employer brand is built – first and foremost – on the people currently part of your organization. Only by engaging the entire personnel in the strategic development of your employer brand can you achieve a distinct employer brand and through it a competitive advantage in the recruitment market.

When employer brand and EB solutions are part of strategy, it will be acknowledged in all business operations and processes from recruiting to onboarding and marketing to communications.

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Building blocks for an attractive employer brand with Talent Adore – request a demo or contact us and we’ll tell more!