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TalentAdore Hire's AI Assistant - Combining efficiency and human touch

Have you only dreamed of a recruitment solution that streamlines processes, enhances candidate experience, and ensures GDPR compliance all at once? 

TalentAdore Hire is the answer to your dreams. It is not just like any other ATS. The solution combines an Applicant Tracking System, AI-assisted recruitment technologies, and advanced automation. ✨

An efficient and candidate-friendly recruitment process with AI

Let us introduce you to our AI Assistant – a seamless part of TalentAdore Hire, a modern end-to-end recruitment software. It aids recruiters and hiring managers in streamlining their recruitment processes by eliminating bottlenecks in job ad creation, screening, and communication. ⚡️

The solution includes all these AI functionalities, and more is coming

AI-powered job ads ✍️

  • Add a job title and let our AI work its magic. Just with a push of a button, you get a full description of the role including requirements and responsibilities. 
  • Need it in another language? No worries, our AI will translate the description for you. 

AI-powered application screening 💡

  • When you have multiple notes in a candidate’s profile, it’s very time-consuming to go through them all. We make it simpler by summarizing all the notes on your behalf. 
  • Application letters, CVs, and additional documents – screening all of them is usually far from being fast. But now it is! Our AI summarizes all application documents to save you valuable time for more value-adding work. 

AI-powered candidate communication 🪄

  • Already since 2016, our patented AI-assisted Natural Language Generator has helped recruiters provide fully personalized feedback to each candidate.
  • Easily convert your click-based evaluation into rich, natural language, and reveal what you saw as the candidate’s benefits and what could be improved upon.

Tackling the security and privacy concerns

All products in our AI Hub are in enclosed boxes – any personal data is well protected and on our servers in the EU.

We have previously discussed the security and privacy risks of Open AI and GPT-based recruitment solutions, so how does TalentAdore Hire tackle these issues? 🔐

Is the solution safe to use? In short? Yes. We strive to make our product the most secure recruitment software in the market. The training of our models is in our own hands, enabling agile development and controlling AI hallucination. Also, we don’t use an API for a closed model and are not dependent on those. 

Is the solution GDPR compliant? Yes, we’ve got you covered. All products in our AI Hub are in enclosed boxes – any personal data is well protected and on our servers in the EU. Also, we enable all this for you

  • Maintain and store applicant data according to GDPR with automated, time-triggered inquiries.
  • Utilize your privacy policy and select when application data is automatically deleted. 
  • Process and share applications safely in the cloud throughout the entire candidate lifecycle.
  • Collect personal information from hires with secure digital forms and export them to your HR software.
  • Easily send candidates all their data upon their request.

Enabling an anonymous, bias-free recruitment process

Our customers can choose which recruitment process steps are anonymized and which information is anonymous.

Ensuring bias-free recruitment processes is paramount, so how does TalentAdore Hire prevent biases? We want to help our customers make their recruitment as bias-free as possible. 

Therefore, all data used to train our models lacks factors that could lead to bias, such as gender, nationality, age or, name. 

TalentAdore Hire also enables anonymous recruitment functionality, that can be applied for all of our customers’ recruitments or selected ones. This means that our customers can choose which recruitment process steps are anonymized and also which information is anonymous. For example, the candidate’s name, email, or other identifiable information can be masked. 

One common fear of job candidates about using an AI is that they would be rejected without any interaction with real people. Therefore, it is crucial to amplify that TalentAdore does not use automatic decision-making to reject job candidates. A human is always involved in the process. 

AI-assisted recruitment software with an increased human touch 

Last but not least, how does TalentAdore ensure that the human touch is addressed? 

Since 2014, TalentAdore’s mission has been to bring the human touch back to recruitment. Thus, all our AI features are always designed with our mission in mind. ❤️ We make no exceptions. 

Thanks to our solution, all candidates know where they stand in the recruitment process and if they are not selected, they will learn why. As a result, candidates feel heard and understood, and they act as your brand ambassadors. You gain more time for more value-adding tasks and get more relevant job applications. 

Want to see how TalentAdore Hire works in practice? Book a short meeting with us. We would love to show you around! 👋

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