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Meet Our People - Saku Valkama

Good morning everyone! It was a beautiful weekend and I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday. TalentAdore will be starting a series of blog called “Our People”.

This blog series basically shares more about the people working at our company. To kick-start this series, I will be sharing my story first.

My name is Saku Valkama. I am the CEO and co-founder of TalentAdore.

My main task at TalentAdore is to make sure that we have a winning team and that we have everything that is needed for global expansion.

Firstly, the winning team is almost like a part of my family. I ensure that they have what they need to do their job successfully. I will not do the job for them but I will enable that they are able to do their job in the best possible way.

Secondly, in order for global expansion, I constantly formulate new strategies and ensure that they are kept in place.

Since I founded the company, I want to make sure that it will be a success. Also, I believe in TalentAdore as I want to contribute to a better world. To a world where candidates are treated in the most human fashion. Not only do candidates benefit, we also make recruitment better for the employers. With TalentAdore, we will be able to help the society to make sure there is less unemployment and people find jobs faster. The society will be able to save cost due to unemployment and increase productivity.

In Finland alone, the average time to find a new job is 180 days. I am sure that the benefit will be even greater in bigger nations. Being able to help these different parties is very rewarding. I know that I am doing a job that really matters. It has also been extremely interesting to build up a team from scratch with the co-founder. We have created a working family and we hope that everyone can succeed.

In my free time, I play tennis 2 to 3 times a week. I have also played the violin since I was 4. Music is an extremely important part of my life. I love travelling and I enjoy the interaction between different cultures. I am generally open to many different types of activities! Another interest is to help other companies to perform better by advising them based on my own experience.

One interesting fact about myself is that I am part of a band! A family one. The band consists of my father, my brother, my son, my daughter and I. My father plays the piano, my brother and I plays the violin, my son plays the drum while my daughter plays the flute. We have established a band together and it is almost like a tradition to play Christmas songs together while the rest of the family sings every time we meet on Christmas.


Stay tuned for this new series – “Our People”!

Saku Valkama

CEO & Co-founder