My recruiting experience with TalentAdore

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My recruiting experience with TalentAdore

Recruiting is not easy—it is stressful, time-consuming, and hard. It is all those things for even the most experienced recruiters.

However, it is a high priority for any growing company. Therefore, any attempts to make the process of hiring the next superstar easier ought to be welcomed.

Recently, I had my first recruiting experience sitting on the employer’s side of the table. A position in our company needed to be filled, and I was given the responsibility of finding the right person. Without much experience in recruiting, the obvious thing for me was to use TalentAdore’s Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) to manage the entire process.

It was a surprisingly easy process. First I created an attractive job advertisement emphasising the right points. Then, I shared the application link and just waited for people to apply. That is something that even beginners can do.

“The key is to keep the applicants up-to-date on the process all the time and develop a relationship with them.”

When job-hungry candidates had applied, I started reading and reviewing the application documents. Here’s a hint for you: the key is to keep the applicants up-to-date on the process all the time, engaging them in discussions and developing a relationship with them. By doing so, your applicants know when they move forward in the process—or when they are not chosen. This is important! It is much easier to choose whom to hire than whom to reject. The ones not chosen now are possibly luckier when the next time comes around. However, the next time only comes if you have developed a positive relationship with the applicants, a result of proactive recruiting.

Recruiting is all about building relationships. Anybody can succeed in it with the right tools. With TalentAdore VRA, you can automate status updates and focus your own time on getting to know your candidates. You can also send fully personal feedback to the non-selected candidates, like I did. Lastly, you can measure your success by asking feedback from the candidates after they receive the personal feedback letter.

Here’s some feedback I received from candidates who were not lucky enough to be selected for the position:

“Quality of the feedback was outstanding.”

“It felt like I had a personal connection with the recruiter.”

“I liked the part where good feedback and suggestions were given. This really helps the candidate to improve by targeting his mistakes.”

“Great service! Companies should think about their employer image and invest in great recruitment so that the candidates would apply again.”

On a scale of 1–5, our recruitment process was rated at 4.2. The lovely comments I received show that even a rookie recruiter can handle the recruitment process well. A sense of humanity can touch people’s hearts in this age of self-service. We at TalentAdore want to make your candidates feel like a person, not just an ID in a database.


R&D Team Leader