Meet Our People - Roman Suzi

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Meet Our People - Roman Suzi

I joined TalentAdore as a software designer at the beginning of 2017 to participate in the development of the unique recruitment solution.

While my background is in Computer Science and Mathematics, and in my career I never personally experienced the darker side of recruitment process, the idea of giving talents proper evaluation using artificial intelligence sounds like a worthy challenge.

While in secondary school, I recall myself participating in a computer game contest organized by one respectable Japanese brand. My entry did not impress the jury, but the very polite letter with handwritten signature from the contest organizers proved to me people are important to the brand and corporation behind it.

Just one letter convinced me what is the proper way for a big corporation to treat people, even those who failed this time. That was time when software was distributed on 5-inch floppy-disks, and the cost of almost any kind of reply used to be much higher than today: snail mail, phone call. This kind of feedback encouraged me to participate in another contest and to win.

Programmer’s work is about problem-solving by formalizing essential knowledge: Problems of real people, recruiters and applicants, companies and society at large, where even small gain can multiply as a part of positive feedback.

One of my hobbies is hiking in the woods, and I wish there were similar positive loop with regard to protection of Nature and economic growth.

At work we create intangible goods, which remove unnecessary annoyances between communicating participants of the hiring process. In my another hobby – electronics – I find satisfaction in solving small problems for my family, from simple analog aquarium leak detector to more complex devices, connected to mobile devices and Internet of Things.

With strong believe that only society where people are doing meaningful and enjoyable jobs can prosper, Roman

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