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July 2019 Top 3 HR Articles

Summer holidays are almost over and it is time to get back to the office. To keep up with the changing world even after your summer vacation, I have gathered the top 3 interesting articles that you might have missed in July.

Debunking the Myths about AI in HR

It is essential to understand how AI can create value in your business. To get the full benefit of AI, people must know how it works and what are its limitations. Some people refer to AI as “almighty” that will rule the business world, while some feel that it is nothing but a buzzword. But the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Read the myths and the facts about AI in HR here!

How Candidate Experience Affects Your Recruitment Marketing

Possible future candidates are constantly following your social media accounts and scouting your company as a possible future employer. It is highly important to keep up your employer brand to attract the best candidates. Read how candidate experience affects your recruitment marketing here!

Attract, convert and fall in love. Inbound Recruiting

The truth is that the world changes very fast and constantly, and it is increasingly difficult for companies to find the talent they need at the right pace. Even more so when candidates are becoming more and more passive and are overwhelmed by so many job offers. Candidates are now an important customer, and what used to apply to customers now also applies to them. Find out how!

Hope you found these July 2019 Top 3 HR articles useful and informative!

Writer: Sini Noronen