The Incredible Year of 2017 with TalentAdore[:]

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The Incredible Year of 2017 with TalentAdore

I know I have said that the year 2016 was amazing at TalentAdore. Still, the year 2017 was able to beat it up.

What made 2017 so special?

Events & Competitions

We made it to the top 3 in Arctic15 and won the grand prize in SHIFT – 10,000 €.

We had great experiences in Slush Helsinki and Fallup.

  • In Slush, we met a lot of potential partners and customers, and we also participated in several side events related to Artificial Intelligence.
  • In FallUp, we talked to job candidates and asked about their recruitment experiences. Over 100 candidates told us what would make a good job application process and what kind of experiences they have had in the past when applying for a job. Download the study results here!

We were selected as among the EU TOP 50 Startups and our CEO Saku Valkama got a chance to pitch in the European Parliament in Brussels. Most likely a once in a lifetime experience! So rare to get an opportunity like that.

On top of all the events we participated in this year, we also organised a few of them ourselves.

  • Our first-ever webinar in April: “Boost your Business with superior Candidate Experience.”
  • Another webinar in the co-operation with RecRight in June: “Enhance candidate experience through supreme communication.” 
  • Our first-ever breakfast event in October.

New Customers, Employees & Partnerships

Our team has been growing with new employees. Welcome to all of you to the TalentAdore family! We are extremely happy to have you.

We have also acquired plenty of new customers, and we really appreciate each and every one of them. These innovative companies invest in their recruitment processes and, what’s most important, in their candidates. They stand out by communicating with their candidates and by delivering superior candidate experience.

Read our customer stories:

  • Moventas –  published in Talouselämä magazine (in Finnish)

Last Spring, we launched a valuable partnership with RecRight who offer a modern video interview tool. I bet that pretty much every one of you wants to avoid using several tools, so we made the integration with RecRight as seamless as possible.

High-quality Product Development

Our product development has been super-fast and has exceeded all expectations. We have made amazing advancement with new features, which help recruiters to be more efficient within their everyday activities in recruitment.

Here are a few of the features we have launched:

  • Schedule interviews with talents easily –> Add your free times in calendar and let your talents choose the best-suited interview times
  • Advanced search functionalities (NB! Search also from PDF documents)
  • New innovative MULTIVIEW on talent’s profile
  • Define your own CSS to be used in your job advertisements
  • Communicate with your talents also in Spanish & Swedish
  • Add multiple company profiles and select the right one when creating a position
  • Targeted job ads à Advertise your job opening on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Network

A million thanks to our incredible R&D team!

Media Publicity

We are thankful for the high interest of media towards us. We have had a strong presence in the Finnish media this year and a few great articles in foreign media as well. We have been featured in, e.g. Forbes, Good News from Finland, Kauppalehti, Helsingin Sanomat, Talouselämä, and Yle.

Here are a few of the articles:

Let the year 2018 be even better (if possible) 😊

Chief Marketing Talentador

Miira Leinonen


Passionate about creating compelling stories and enhancing the world of recruitment. Helping companies to improve their Employer Brand with modern recruitment methods and superior Candidate Experience.