How providing feedback to candidates will help your employer branding

Employer Branding

How providing feedback to candidates will help your employer branding

First, let’s run through the definition of employer branding. It refers to how your company is being viewed by others – key shareholders, employees, and the public.

The employer brand is affected by things, such as how the company conducts itself in the market to how good the employer is to its employees. All these issues will lead to a general perception of your company in the eyes of others.

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The previous article explained the importance of employer branding and validates why companies should focus on their employer branding. Read the article to get a better understand of the concept behind employer branding and how it can help your company.First, understand that your company’s employer branding can be defined by many people. In a simple context, you might think employer branding refers to how your employees perceive your company. However, it is vital to know potential candidates and even the general public play an important role in your employer branding. These people might not be directly related to your company, but what they feel and say about your company can be a lot more impactful.

Some ways the general public can impact your employer branding will be through word of mouth and social media. Everyone is on the look out for a mistake your company might accidentally make, then they will make a huge fuss out of it. Nothing stays as a secret these days, much less the nasty stuff. With the advancement of technology, social media just made everything a notch easier to be shared.

Second, now that you know how job candidates have a say in employer branding, you must wonder how they define their candidate experience with you. The answer will be the recruitment process. This might be shocking to most companies, as you wonder how candidates can judge, based on a recruitment process that candidates might succeed. Candidates, who are rejected, might also be biased and say bad things about your company.

Companies should know how important it is to develop their employer brand throughout the employee life cycle. While employee engagement is crucial, companies must also remember relationships between employees start from the recruitment process. You should definitely take this chance to develop the start of a long-lasting relationship.

Therefore, providing feedback to candidates serves as a stepping stone to the start of a relationship. If the candidate is accepted into the company, they will feel warmly welcomed by the company and look forward to giving their best at an organisation they believe in. If the candidate is rejected, the candidate will still have a good impression of the company and even apply again for future job vacancies. If these rejected candidates promote your brand, even though they did not get the job, you know you have done your employer branding right.

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