How HR technology makes a recruiter’s job easier

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How HR technology makes a recruiter’s job easier

HR technology is becoming increasingly popular and there are many reasons why. Without question, a HR system can make the recruiting process a lot easier for many organisations.

Here are some examples of how HR technology makes a recruiter’s job easier.

1. Create fuss-free job ads

Instead of hiring a designer to design a job ad or struggling to do it yourself, most HR systems actually allow you to simply follow a template and design your own job ad. This way, you will be able to attract top talent with creative job ads. With HR technology, recruiters do not have to worry about creating a job ad from scratch.

2. Promote the job

When you use a HR system, you can directly promote the job advertisement to all of the organisation’s social media channel. The job advertisement will also be reflected on your company website on a careers page. You can even post to job boards to spread the word about your openings. The more you publicise your job ad, the easier it is for external recruiting agencies and your current employees to refer the right candidates. Only with the advancement of HR technology are recruiters able to promote their job ads effortlessly.

3. Structure your recruitment process

With a HR system, your whole recruitment process can be a lot more structured. Recruiters can make the most of the HR system by creating a set of steps according to their preference. Each phase in the recruitment process should be extremely clear, and this is again made possible by HR technology.

4. Work in a team

Recruiters often face the problem whereby they find it hard to share information with one another. Not because they don’t want to, but because it can get confusing to share lots of information via paper etc. With a HR system, recruiters can work with one another fluidly – you can even have one person in charge of a specific stage in the recruitment process and ensure it does not get messy.

Recruiting should always be collaborative so as to increase the chances of hiring the right employee. With HR technology, this is made possible and many different people can be involved in the recruitment process.

5. Secured information

A HR system is also the place for recruiters to keep all candidates’ information from all sources. Regardless of where the information comes from, they can be imported into the system and easily organised as well. Everything from documents or notes about candidates can be placed in one place and there will not be any missing information in the future.

6. Improved Candidate Experience

HR technology enables recruiters to make the recruitment process more convenient and enjoyable for candidates. A HR system ensures that your processes are streamlined, and it should also serve as a timeline for recruiters to keep track of their progress. Candidates really appreciate being treated well through the recruitment process.

7. Clear Budget Planning

Recruiters will be able track exactly how much money is spent on recruitment and recruitment related expenses so that budgets can be planned with more accuracy.

8. Data Analytics

Many times the data that we have proves to be extremely valuable. Therefore, with a HR system, you will be able to see and study the data that your company has, which will in turn provide insights into recruitment at your company. Such data should then be used to optimise your recruitment. For example, you may be able to increase retention rates, productivity, and overall efficiency.


HR technology has brought about many different benefits and it is no wonder that recruiters love it. A HR system is no longer purchased to improve the efficiency of HR. Today, companies buy these systems to help transform their talent strategies and directly improve employee engagement and the ability to hire.