Finding the human touch in automation

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Finding the human touch in automation

From self-checkout to speaking to a machine customer service officer, automation has significantly changed the world we live in today.

There has also been plenty of debates as to whether automation is really making the world a better place and if the human touch exists in automation.

As one of the biggest concerns about automation, people feel that the human touch is no longer a value. People are often annoyed at the fact that machines instead of employees are serving them. If they were given the opportunity to opt-out of automated service, many would probably do so. I would say this image is mostly due to bad experiences with automated services that were not well-planned and executed. However, it can be better!

You might be surprised to learn how much the human touch can be incorporated into the recruitment industry by using automation. Did you know that TalentAdore provides recruiters with the opportunity to provide 100% personalised feedback and status updates to all candidates? This is possible as we integrate the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) based communication technologies and advanced automation.

Automation + Recruitment

Although the word automation might sound scary, it actually helps improve your company’s recruitment by a great deal. Recruiters all over the world face the same challenge, which is they cannot provide personalised feedback to all candidates who apply for a job.

There honestly isn’t a better way than to include some technology in your recruitment process to solve this problem. Hiring more workforce with a task to respond to candidates is often out of the question. In such scenarios, automation and artificial intelligence are available to assist.

With TalentAdore’s system, you can provide feedback individually and with no extra time. You handle the entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions and to measuring employer brand in real time. You can also build your own talent pipeline. Most importantly, candidates fully know what’s going on in the recruitment process. And if they are not selected, they know why.

So, how do we define the human touch in this process? I am more than certain that many recruiters have tried their best to get back to all candidates, but end up not being able to do so. Compared to no response, an automated response is way better. It gives much-needed clarity to the candidate about what’s going on in the recruitment process.

Personalized Feedback in Recruitment

Remember when I mentioned 100% personalized feedback? Yes, I mean it. Recruiters are providing feedback based on each candidate’s CV and interview. No two candidates will receive the same feedback. Are you curious to find out how we do this? Request a demo.

Providing feedback or even just responding to candidates helps build a good relationship between the candidate and the company. While candidates enjoy a superior candidate experience, companies improve their employer brand, attract top talent, and grow their business.

Rather than taking away the human touch, TalentAdore brings the human touch back into recruitment. You get to decide what you want the candidates to know and we simply help by making the process fuss-free.