Employer branding statistics you should know!

Employer Branding

Employer branding statistics you should know!

The war for talent is alive and kicking. One of the greatest challenges companies face while recruiting talent is competition.

In today’s market, candidates can afford to be picky and choose the company they prefer. The war for talent is stronger than ever and this means that companies need to up their game to attract the best people. Employers are pressured to retain their best employees and to hire top talents at the same time. Their focus must be on enhancing and protecting their employer brand to do so.

Is employer branding already a top priority in your company? What do you know about employer branding? In this article, I have summarised some of the most important statistics that will show you the importance of employer branding.

1. 56% of recruiters say employer branding is a top priority.

Take a look at our blog: 5 Reasons Why Employer Branding Is Important.

2. Only 57% of employers say they have an employer brand strategy.


3. 52% of respondents admitted to using Glassdoor

Glassdoor, amongst other things, allows users to read anonymous reviews of companies written by current employees. Have you checked your rating on Glassdoor yet? It is time to be aware of how the public perceives your company and try to improve your ratings as soon as possible.

4. 74% of job seekers use companies’ career websites as their most important source of information online.


5. 91% of job seekers find a poorly managed or designed online presence damaging to an employer brand.

(Career Builder)

6. Negative product and service reviews can cause the most brand damage for employers.

(Career Builder)

7. 67% of job seekers said they’d accept a lower salary if the company had exceptionally positive reviews online.


8. 56% of job seekers ranked talent brand (the company’s reputation as a great place to work) as the deciding factor when choosing an employer.

At the same time, 20% would choose a company because they have a reputation for great products and services. How exactly can you define a great candidate experience? Download our definitive guide to candidate experience to find out more!

9. 94% of candidates are likely to apply to a job if a company actively manages its employer brand.

(Bernard Hodes Group)

10. Employer brand ROI expectations for employers include an increase in applicant quality by 89%.

(Bernard Hodes Group)
It also includes increase in employee engagement by 61%.

11. A whopping 76% of companies use social media to promote their employer brand.

This is not surprising considering the pervasiveness of the web. However, this can be a tricky thing as the majority of companies are already doing this, so how can you stand out? Employers need transparency, authenticity, and creativity to win the candidate’s attention and interest online.

12. 78% of companies communicate their employer brand via their career sites as well.

(Bernard Hodes Group)
If you have a brand message that you want to promote across multiple channels, you need to be consistent and portray all of your company brand’s features the same way across all media. It is definitely more effective to have multiple channels than to focus on just one channel.


I hope that these statistics helped you to understand better the importance of employer branding. Remember, TalentAdore can help you to develop your employer branding with attractive job ads, a user-friendly application process and our end-to-end recruitment system, which lets you give 100% personalized feedback and status updates.

*Please note that all statistics are based on research conducted in 2016.