Employer Branding Done Right

Employer Branding

Employer Branding Done Right

Many companies have started to place emphasis on their employer brand. Why?

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Here are three companies who have successfully established a strong employer brand that stands out:

1) Starbucks

Starbucks has consistently reaffirmed its support for all of its employees, and its commitment to being an equitable international employer. In doing so, it has smartly reaffirmed its employer brand as a company with a conscience.

Starbucks knows exactly what their brand stands for in the minds of customers and candidates. Therefore, they use this opportunity to build a strong employer brand, which helps to increase employee satisfaction and customer confidence at the same time.

One unique feature of Starbucks’ employer brand is that it focuses not only on its corporate employees but its frontline staff as well. This decision is rather unusual for a retailer, but Starbucks has been steadily increasing its work perks and benefits package for all employees. Its focus on all employees is smart, making it a top employer choice.

Policies and benefits that have helped Starbucks build its reputable employer brand

  • Relaxed Dress Code
    Starbucks’ store level dress code allows a wide variety of clothing options as long as they are paired with their green apron. Employees can dye their hair in any colour as long as it does not violate any health and safety rules.
  • Parental Leave Package
    Starbucks allows new fathers to take paternity leave.
  • Free Education
    Starbucks already offered free tuition for all its staff, but now it is offering free tuition to children and spouses of employees who have served in the military.

Through these benefits, we can tell that Starbucks ultimately built its brand through employees. Its employees strongly advocate its employer brand through social media. Employees express their love for the company through the Starbucks Jobs’ Twitter account with the hashtag #sbuxjobschat. Starbucks’ YouTube channel also has thousands of views, which indirectly causes an impact on its employer brand.

Starbucks provides the opportunity to be more than an employee when it refers to its employees as partners. With that, the employees take pride in the brand that they work for, and Starbucks establishes a strong employer brand as a place that cares deeply about its employees and customer experience.

2) Facebook

When it comes to companies that everyone knows for their perks, Facebook is one of the standouts that gets mentioned again and again. Facebook is always ranked near the very top of the best companies to work for. Its strong employer brand is evident, and its employees play a very important role.

Almost everyone all over the world knows Facebook’s employee perks as well as their famed campus-style workspace. The work environment is building a bond among the employees, and all of them are motivated to help build a strong employer brand for the company.

Policies and benefits that have helped Facebook to build its reputable employer brand

  • New-Parent Benefits
    Family is very important, and Facebook attracts its employees by allowing new parents to take time off to be with their new-born children.
  • Vacation
    At Facebook, you get “21 days paid vacation and unlimited sick days.”
  • Free Food
    The company provides free meals all day long, with everything from burgers and fries to vegan options.
  • Healthcare and insurance
    Many employees say they get 100% of their health insurance paid for by the company, and co-payments for doctor visits are low.

Facebook values its employees. It focuses its employer branding on facilitating its staff and making it comfortable for them to do great work. There is even a weekly Q&A session with the CEO and other top executives. These little things that happen on the Facebook campus have led to its strong global employer brand. Nearly every employee raves about all the little things that add up to make their work experience an unforgettable one.

Facebook’s employer brand has gone viral—it built a company that people love working for and about which people will share their experiences. You can find more information regarding Facebook on review sites such as Quora and Glassdoor.


ASOS has positioned itself as a very desirable employer to work for. Its career site has a catchy headline, which says “Want the best job out there.” They also have an excellent Glassdoor review, and these factors allow ASOS to build the strong employer brand they have today.

Click here to see ASOS review on Glassdoor.

As a global company, ASOS has developed a stellar employer brand to support its growth. The difference of ASOS’ employer brand’s success is it has thought smart. It does not have a large list of benefits, just the ones that matter and appeal to the people it is trying to attract.

Policies and benefits that have helped ASOS to build its reputable employer brand

  • 40% Staff Discount
    ASOS offers an extremely good staff discount to their workforce that also promotes the fact that their employees are dressed head-to-toe in their products.
  • Summer Hours
    In the summer, all the teams finish at 3:00 p.m. on Fridays. This decision might not be a huge deal, but it is an act that the staff very much appreciates.
  • Generous Holiday Package
    Alongside its generous 25-day holiday package, employees get the day off on their birthdays.

ASOS built its employer brand by establishing a work-life balance for its employees. It recognises some of the biggest annoyances about being at work and overcomes them with small perks. This strategy also shows that large, expensive benefits are not the only useful one. It can build a strong employer brand only because it constantly asks for feedback from employees and improves itself.

Your employer brand is critical to the success of your efforts to hire and keep top talent. Start investing in your employer brand strategy today by acing your recruitment process!

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