Candidate Experience Statistics for 2021

Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience Statistics for 2021

Candidate Experience is nowadays one of the most important ways to attract the best candidates.

Studies have shown that more than 72% of candidates with bad recruiting experience have shared that negative experience online or with someone directly. Do you think that the person hearing or reading about this experience will apply to this company one day? I’ll let you decide that by yourself.

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10 Candidate Experience Statistics for 2021

54% of companies report talent shortages. (ManpowerGroup)

With an already high demand for talent, why waste it and lose out because of bad candidate experience?

52% of recruiters reveal that their time-to-hire is 3 weeks or more across all types of job openings. (Yello)

The majority of job seekers (81%) expect the hiring process to wrap up in two weeks, tops. (Yello)

Long recruitment processes are a nightmare for candidates. There is a clear mismatch between the expectations of the candidates about the length of the recruitment processes and how long the processes actually tend to last. Yet, constant communication with candidates is a way to make the waiting time more pleasant.

How to keep the candidates’ interest for weeks? It is not easy but definitely not impossible. You want to keep the candidates informed about the process so they know what’s their status. Perhaps you could also delight them with something extra, like some interesting content?

37% of companies say that the application process takes more than 30 minutes to complete. (Aptitude research)

The application process should be smooth, easy, and rather quick. You are already losing out on your candidates with 30 minutes or longer application processes.

54% of job seekers said a negative candidate experience would impact their decision to buy. (Talentgy)

69% of job seekers who had bad experience would rarely or never apply again. (Talentgy)

Job seekers should have such a great relationship with your company that they would like to apply to work there again in the future. Bad experiences will make your future recruitments much trickier and can also affect your sales. If the candidate does not feel respected in the recruitment process, why would he/she buy from you either?

95% of job seekers have at least one social media profile. (Robert Walters)

Almost everyone has a way to tell their experience to people they have never met. With millennials and gen z the story is completely different. They are always connected and the first people they tell about their experiences are their friends and followers on social media.

82% of job seekers would share a positive candidate experience. (Talentgy)

Job candidates are like brand ambassadors. If you treat them well, you will open your business to many new opportunities.

People take not hearing back from employers more personally than not hearing back from a first date. This should already create an image of how invested the candidates are in the recruitment process.

Only 42% of Employers reach out and re-engage declined candidates with information on future job opportunities. (Careerarc)

Why would you want to throw away already made connections? With pre-vetted candidates having at least some knowledge of your application and interview processes, you are able to reach out to them when the right job for the right person prevails itself.

98% of Employers believe enhancing the Candidate Experience – for those they hire and decline – could help enhance and protect their employer brand. (Careerarc)

The importance of the candidate experience is understood today better than ever. Now is just the time to ‘walk the talk’ and stand out as a responsible employer.

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All these statistics are based on research papers from 2019-2020.

I hope that these candidate experience statistics for 2021 allowed you to see the importance of the candidate experience. After understanding the weakest links in your candidate experience, you will be able to further improve it by investing in recruitment software that supports superior candidate experience. Check TalentAdore Hire that enables personalized communication with your candidates and building dynamic talent communities.

Blog post by: Oskari Valkama & Miira Leinonen, TalentAdore Ltd.

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