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Candidate Experience Awards

Candidate experience is used to describe all interactions between the candidate and the company for recruitment marketing and hiring purposes. This expression defines how candidates feel about the experience they had with a company.

As more companies recognise the importance of candidate experience, there has also been an increase of events around the world, ranging from award ceremonies to workshops related to candidate experience. Talent Board has been actively promoting candidate experience. They have Webinars for people around the world, workshops in cities like Singapore and Chicago, and their latest event is the 2016 EMEA CandE Awards Gala to be held in London on 2 March.

The EMEA CandE Awards have been growing over the years and expanding globally. The 2016 EMEA CandE Awards program included 152 participating companies and over 25,000 candidates surveyed. Participating in this program is a great way to learn new techniques and benchmark your candidate experience against the industry’s best.

As quoted from their website:

“Since launching the EMEA CandE Awards, Talent Board has seen employers across the region recognize the importance of job candidate experiences,” said Gerry Crispin, Talent Board member and Principal & Chief Navigator at CareerXroads. “As a result, employers, including this year’s winners, are implementing new strategies and solutions that encourage a more positive recruiting process.”

Here are 2 companies that caught our eye at the CandE Awards.

1) Intel Corporation

Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor company, with offices all over the world. Despite the large scale of the company, Intel has been consistently focused on improving the candidate experience for multiple years. One of their key objectives is: “We believe that a great candidate experience means we are able to attract and hire great talent.”

With their key objective in mind, Intel has a goal they work towards every day. And they are glad their efforts and focus on creating a quality candidate experience paid off.

Intel has been awarded the CandE Awards for two years, and they believe it is an indicator to show they have been making progress in their candidate experience. Also, Intel emphasises their employees and ensures they feel intimate with the company.

Other than the CandE Award, Intel has also been awarded other prestigious employer awards, such as Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. Intel has also been awarded “With Distinction” at the CandE Awards.

This year, Intel Corporation will also be awarded at the CandE Awards for the focus they put on creating a quality candidate experience.

2) Accenture

Accenture is another company receiving awards at the CandE Awards. Based on statistics found online, 75% of their employees feel there is often great communication with the management and 88% agree management is honest and ethical in its business practices.

As a global company, Accenture has won many awards in various countries regarding their human resource practices. Accenture has placed focus on the human resource processes and candidate experience in the company since 2013 and has been awarded ever since.

Some areas of improvement include how social media training has contributed to a 100% uplift in LinkedIn applications in some areas and improvement in the recruitment process. There have been better conversion rates, with an average of one in every six candidates hired, and they have achieved more than double the number of hires compared to previous years.

Once again, Accenture will be awarded at the CandE Awards this year, applauding them for their quality candidate experience.


With such global companies prioritising candidate experience and such events, like CandE Awards, we should see a constant trend and more emphasis placed on candidate experience.

Companies around the world should recognise the need to provide a transparent and rewarding candidate experience. Communicating well with their candidates and updating them throughout the process should be no difficult feat.

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