4 things candidates hate in your recruitment process

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4 things candidates hate in your recruitment process

Your company will only get better if you have the right talent. All talent must go through your recruitment process, and thus, that is the most important thing your company should invest in.

Your company’s recruitment process says a lot to potential employees. But is it saying the right thing?

A bad recruitment process could scare off top talent, without you knowing it. Here are 4 things candidates hate in your recruitment process.

1) Job Applications Are Not Mobile Optimized

With the advancement of technology, most candidates surf the internet with their mobile phones. Today, more Google searches are performed from mobile devices than desktop computers. Not only are job seekers searching for employment from a desktop computer, but they are searching on-the-go from their mobile devices.  To encourage more talent to apply for the job, ensure your job applications are mobile optimised and user-friendly.

It is also important to make sure the mobile version of the job application provides a convenient and streamlined experience for candidates. For instance, candidates might not be able to type much text via their mobile phones or submit supporting documentation. It is up to you how you want to solve these problems so the job application process is hassle free for candidates. This is probably one of the most basic things that candidates hate in your recruitment process that you have to solve to encourage more talent to apply for your company.

2) Lengthy Job Applications

You will always hear candidates complaining that job applications are too lengthy. As a recruiter, do you honestly need all that information or will it be better to find out more via an interview? The more information you ask from candidates, the more reluctant they are to complete the application. Also, the more information you ask from candidates, the more information you will have to look through.

Although the data from application forms can appear in your database automatically, remember that candidates are manually filling the forms for you. The shorter your form, the more likely candidates are to make it to the bottom. This is something candidates hate in your recruitment process but can be easily solved. Prioritise the important questions that are the deciding factors whether you will grant the candidate an interview.

3) Unclear job descriptions

From the minute they find out your company is on the look-out for recruits, the words you used to let them know are being scrutinised – and even if you’ve got the most appealing salary on display, one wrong comment will have them turn away.

It is important for companies to tread lightly and be very aware of what they say. Phrase your words properly and gently. Also, be specific in the job descriptions. This allows candidates to be more prepared at interviews and for you to receive better applications.

4) Poor communication

When asked about areas of frustration during the job application process, candidates routinely point to the same issue: lack of communication. You should let candidates know what’s happening at all times. Even if they’re not a good fit, respond to those that sent in CVs and take the time to explain why.

This is basic respect for candidates. They deserve feedback after the time they spent on the job application. When applicants feel like they don’t know where they are in the application review process or if their resume has been received, it leaves them with a dissatisfied perception of your company.


To remain competitive in the job market and trying to compete for the best talent, you must make sure every element of your recruitment process is optimized to attract the best candidates. An applicant tracking software solution is probably the easiest way to solve these 4 things candidates hate in your recruitment process and can help to streamline your workflows to enhance the candidate’s experience.

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