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In a typical recruitment process, 100 people apply, one is selected, and 99 are left with nothing. It’s no wonder that so many candidates end up hating the company and never apply again. Only one wins. Why not everyone? We are changing this.

TalentAdore Ltd. is a global HR technology company, with offices in Finland, Sweden, and the UK. The company was founded in 2014 by two entrepreneurs, Saku Valkama and Joni Latvala. Our mission is to bring the human touch back to recruitment and be the best talent engagement solution provider in the world. At the same time, we are building a powerful HR and recruitment ecosystem by integrating value-adding tools into our solution.

Saku Valkama

Recruitment is broken. Together with Joni Latvala, CTO & Co-founder, I saw lots of flaws in recruitment processes that needed to be fixed. We were especially frustrated with how candidates were being treated as ID numbers by so many recruiters. Therefore, we decided to change that and bring the human touch back to recruitment.”

Saku Valkama, CEO & Co-founder of TalentAdore

Our solution is the Virtual Recruitment Assistant, a recruitment software that takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI). The solution helps companies enhance their employer brands by focusing on the candidate experience. It also streamlines the recruitment process and automates manual and repetitive tasks.

When we started building our solution, we asked HR professionals what they would like to delegate to their assistant if they had one. They mentioned candidate communication, interview scheduling, and matching, just to mention a few. To answer to these needs, we created the Virtual Recruitment Assistant. Now you have time to focus on what matters the most: the people.

We Proudly Present Team TalentAdore!

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Our team—our family—consists of full-time employees and advisors. We have super-talented employees in customer success, R&D, sales, marketing, and business development. Additionally, all of our advisors have top expertise in their fields and contribute their time every month. They cover HR, international contract law, IT architecture, artificial intelligence, startup entrepreneurship, digital communications, internationalization, and go-to-market.

Our team members are ambitious doers with a go-getter attitude and the drive to excel. People are amazed at our ability to take on challenges and implement instant changes as a unified team. Together we form one unified family, sharing the same passion and motivation to bring the human touch back to recruitment.

Check a Few of Our Team Members Below!

Contact: firstname.lastname@talentadore.com

Saku Valkama
Saku ValkamaCEO & Co-founder
Miira Leinonen
Miira LeinonenCMO
Riku Malkki
Riku MalkkiCPO
Max Schwarzenberg
Max SchwarzenbergHead of Customer Success & Partners
Eliza Barkane
Eliza BarkaneCustomer Success Team Lead
Helen Salminen
Helen SalminenCustomer Success Manager
Risto Siilasmaa

“TalentAdore’s solution is an innovative HR service that combines marketing and HR technology. The company takes an all new perspective to recruitment and focuses on what is essential: job candidates.”

Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman of F-Secure & Former Chairman of Nokia

Board & Advisors

Mikael Frisk
Mikael FriskChairman of the Board

A strong background in HR and leadership. He has worked as the senior vice president of HR at Fortum and vice president of HR at Nokia.

Dan Ahlstedt
Dan AhlstedtBoard Member

Over 30 years of experience in executive positions in large, international tech companies. He has worked at SAP as Nordic & Baltic COO and MD of SAP Finland.

Kaj Hagros
Kaj HagrosAdvisor
Mikael Honkavaara
Mikael HonkavaaraAdvisor
Tuomas Nousiainen
Tuomas NousiainenAdvisor

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