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Pilke Daycare – We Really Have That Twinkle

In this blog, the HR manager Reija Ketoja of Pilke Daycare tells about the important daily values in the workplace and in recruitment. 

In this blog, the HR manager Reija Ketoja of Pilke Daycare tells about the important daily values in the workplace and in recruitment. 

Reija Ketoja – Remodels the HR field and paints a picture of Pilke on the map of Finland. 

Pilke Daycare is the second largest company in early childhood education in Finland. Our company has grown strongly over several years by about 40% to 50%, which is significant in our industry. We do much recruitment, and good quality early childhood education is always important to us. At Pilke, we want to be pioneers in our field, develop, and to lead the way. As a matter of fact, we work together for a common goal with our great colleagues, and we have a happy spirit of doing things.

An Active Adult Creates an Innovative Learning Environment at Pilke Daycare

We take care of our employees so they can take care of the children.

Honesty and transparency in everything we do are important for us at Pilke Daycare. In fact, continuous improvement is always present in our operations. An active adult is very professional, has a good sense of pedagogy, and can work with children and families.

Our work culture cares for our employees so we can provide families with the best early childhood education. In our innovative work environment, children and early childhood education professionals can influence their learning environment.

Science-oriented Pilke Daycare Centers Create a New Kind of Work Environment

Science-oriented daycare centers, which we have, focus on learning and wondering about natural phenomena together with children. We have built the playrooms to attract and encourage research and experimentation. It is important that children learn to understand, experiment, and succeed in science daycare.

We have new log-built daycares responding to the municipal demand for clean indoor daycares for children. Ecological log-built daycare allows children to enjoy fresh indoor air.

We Educate Our Future Adults

Often, those who have been left second or third in their job search have a huge potential for the future.

Modern recruitment means a lot in an early childhood education as we grow our future adults. That’s why modern ways must be presented in all our activities and recruitment is one activity. Leading the way is important to us. In fact, we at Pilke Daycare want to be on the top of trying out new modern ways.

I believe that in the future, the individuality of the candidate will be emphasized even more. At the same time, candidates will also expect more from the companies. With this in mind, companies need to pay attention to the candidate at all stages of the recruitment process and be open and honest. Therefore, we also want to improve our candidate experience, and TalentAdore is a great tool for that.

Additionally, giving feedback to candidates is important. People want concrete information rather than round answers. Also, you may later find gems among candidates who did not receive a place this time.


TalentAdore Helps Pilke Daycare with Recruitment

The onboarding was quick and easy. Overall TalentAdore’s integration capabilities with other HR systems are great, as well as the customer support.

Career pages through TalentAdore have been a significant change for Pilke Daycare. An easy-to-use search and a visually good layout bring a needed change. Earlier our job advertisements were only available at mol.fi. With TalentAdore, we can also use pre-made templates when creating job listings, and the booking feature for interviews is amazing. Interviews are conveniently booked through the TalentAdore booking feature, saving valuable time for our recruiting supervisors. Finally, I am very happy with TalentAdore’s customer service.

Pilke Daycare offers innovative and professional early childhood and after-school education based on active learning throughout Finland. With a child, eyes twinkling. More information at pilkepaivakodit.fi/en