Why Recruiting Is Important For Start-Ups

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Why Recruiting Is Important For Start-Ups

Recruiting has always been a challenging and tedious process for MNCs, and even more for start-ups.

If you were to do research, the number 1 challenge that most start-up founders find would be to recruit the right person for the job. Despite this challenge, recruiting and human resource are essential in a start-up. Therefore, your company should definitely invest in recruiting. In this article, we have listed 3 reasons why recruiting is important for start-ups. Read on to find out more!

1) Helps to build your employer brand

When a start-up starts to hire, the public and potential job candidates research the company. Your company’s public profile and online presence are very crucial at this point as it marks the first impression of your company. At the same time, people are actually starting to find out more about the idea your start up is advocating. As a start-up, here is your chance to build a robust and positive employer brand right from the beginning. It is not only easier to do starting with a clean slate, but an employer brand brings about many benefits for your company as well.

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Other than hiring new employees, recruiting is also definitely a form of publicity and marketing strategy. There is a reason large companies have their HR teams visiting conferences and sharing their HR strategies with the public. Never underestimate the impact of your online presence and make a difference to the way the public perceive your company. Therefore, a startup should take this chance to focus on recruiting and indulge in building a brand that will be well-liked. One way to do so would be to be transparent about the company’s recruitment process and even give feedback to all job candidates.

2) Ensure that the right employee is hired

It is imperative to make sure that you have hired the right person for your start-up. As start-up founders, one should know what it is like working for a start-up – the long working hours, unexpected meetings, attending many events as a form of networking, etc. Therefore, your start-up should emphasise the employee you would like and ensure you find the right fit. If you hire the wrong person right at the start of the growth of your company, the company can face many losses.

Therefore, it is imperative for the company to realise what exactly they would need from the future job employee before deciding. For example, one skill that would be useful for a start-up employee would be to multitask since there are not enough resources to hire more people and form departments.

3) Attractive recruitment process

According to a report, 46% of new hires fail within 18 months. A start-up should ensure they do not fall under this category. Inadequate recruitment at first would lead to inadequate recruitment in the future. The initial hire should be flawless and set a good example for the future recruitment.

There should be an interesting job posting that stands out in the crowd, an innovative selection process, the right interview process and a proper wrap up from the recruitment process. HR can be a real competitive advantage because with a good recruitment process, it not only helps you to hire people better but also helps retain people better. As a result, there will be a better dynamic within the company. A start-up should ensure that they get this part right, so it will not be an expensive mistake in the future.


There is no magic formula for start-up recruiting, but you can definitely prepare yourself for it. The first few employees are so critical, therefore, start-ups should recruit the absolute best they can find and have a proper recruiting process in place. Experience our modern recruitment software, and invest in HR now!