What to include in your CV

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What to include in your CV

Here comes part 2 of what to put in your CV. I previously published a blog that shared some information about what you should exclude from your CV. Today, I will be sharing what to include in your CV instead.

Your CV is, in one way or another, the most important part of your job application as it creates the first impression. It is your only way of attracting the attention of the company. A good CV includes the right information that is tweaked according to the company’s needs. Here are some skills or information that you should include in your CV.

1) Career summary

I previously mentioned, in the other blog post, to exclude the objective from your CV. A career summary or executive summary of your application is what you should include in your CV instead. This is often placed at the top of your resume to give the recruiter a brief summary about you. You can include some of your strongest skills or what makes you unique in this section.

2) Hard Skills

Some hard skills include marketing, sales, public speaking, etc. However, among all the skills that you have, which should you include in your CV? Simply study the job application and company to see how you can be the right fit for them. Tailor your CV accordingly and make sure the hard skills you mentioned are applicable for the job.

3) Soft Skills

Soft skills are not the easiest to explain, but many companies tend to go for soft skills over hard skills these days. Some examples of soft skills include time management, teamwork, eagerness to learn, etc. Your soft skills might just be your unique selling point, so be sure to include them in your CV. However, it will be best to include how you have these soft skills as evidence.

4) References

Instead of having a list of references that companies can call to check if you have provided the right information, you can also share specific incidents that the businesses can relate to. Include numbers and stories to show how you can prove your success for a particular point. This is good to include in your CV, as recruiters do not have time to check the credibility of your CV. It will be better to prove it yourself.

5) Keywords

Always study the job application and be sure to tweak your CV accordingly. Many companies use a human resources system to scan through the piles of CVs. If you were to use some keywords that were previously mentioned in the job application, it might increase your chances of getting the job.

6) Social Media Links

Share your social media links and include them in your CV to allow recruiters to gain a better understanding of you. By sharing more platforms that allow recruiters to understand you as a person better will always be a benefit for you. For example, your LinkedIn profile can provide a comprehensive view of your career while your Instagram might provide insight for them if you might be the right personality fit for the company.

7) Contact information

Always remember to include in your CV! Include every point of contact so it is simple for recruiters to hire you. Always list your contact number and email address right at the top, so they are easy to spot.

8) Specific Tech Skills

As mentioned before, never say that you are a pro at Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office. If you want to include particular skills in your CV, you should be more specific. For example, instead of saying that you use WordPress, mention how you have developed the website and are familiar with SEO optimisation. Help your CV by including some references and evidence as well.

9) Foreign Language

Even though it might not be directly applicable to the job application, always share if you can speak a foreign language. It will always be an extra selling point for you as the company might be considering expanding into other markets.

10) International Experience

Always include in your CV if you have lived abroad/studied abroad. More often than not, companies are more interested in hiring someone who has international experience than someone who did well at school. This shows you are an independent student and you are willing to venture out of your comfort zone to try something new.

Remember always to highlight your valuable skills to include in your CV. It is pointless to mention everything you know or have done as it brings the focus away. Narrow down specifically based on the job vacancy to increase your chances.

I hope this blog and the previous blog post were of great help to your CV!