What do recruiters hate during interviews?

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What do recruiters hate during interviews?

Recruiting is an ongoing and tedious process for the Human Resource department. Can you imagine going through piles and piles of application forms with the same purpose - securing a job at the company?

After the initial phase of scanning through the forms, the recruiters must sit through hours and even days of interviews just for one job position. Here are some irritating actions by candidates that really annoy the recruiters.

1) Getting too personal

Many candidates get too ahead of themselves and treat recruiters as their friends. While it would be nice to lighten the mood, candidates should know their limits. I was researching this topic when I came across this statement.

“Recruiting consultant Abby Kohut recalls a phone interview (that had gone pretty well up to that point) in which the job seeker ended the call by asking her to marry him.”

Shocking, isn’t it? Then, another group of candidates try to get recruiters to sympathise with them by sharing their personal problems and pointless stories. You think the recruiters will feel sorry for you and give you the job, but you are wrong. People with personal trouble are less productive, thus not effective for the company.

2) Inappropriate dress code

Rule of thumb: always dress according to how you would on the first day of work. If you are not sure, simply ask the recruiter. First impression is not everything, but in this case, your appearance is key, as you will represent the company. If you are dressed sloppily for the interview, recruiters will immediately deem you as irresponsible and disorganised.

Dress and present yourself well. This point is relevant for Skype interviews as well. For my Skype interview, I went to the extent of putting on formal wear. Also, simple things like no eating and drinking during the interview, even though you are in the comfort of your own home.

3) Stalk the recruiter

As mentioned in one of my blog posts, candidates should always suggest to “stay in touch” with the recruiters. However, this suggestion does not mean you call the recruiters three times a day. Calling the recruiters constantly and demanding an answer will only make you seem desperate and scary. Some candidates even find the boss of the recruiters, threatening the livelihood of the recruiters.

If you have yet to hear anything after a month, it might be time to give up. When recruiters think you are the perfect fit for the job, they will wait no longer to let you know.

4) Lie

Making up something impressive might attract the attention you would like. However, recruiters might also get suspicious and do their own research. Lying on your resume or during interviews is one of the worst things a candidate might do. Not only will you ruin the impression the current company has of you, but your lies will be spread around the company. You might even burn bridges to other related companies.

We all know the temptation to beef up your background just to get the job. However, is it worth it? It is becoming more common for companies to do an extensive background check on the candidates and contact the references stated in candidates’ resume prior to hiring. This is a mistake you can definitely avoid, so I suggest you be truthful.

Always Be Professional

You might have not gotten a job this time around, but you never know what the future holds. By being professional and leaving a good impression with the recruiters, recruiters might still be interested in you and keep you for future reference. You never know when the company might call you for another interview. So always be on your best and attend interviews with the right attitude.