How can you make recruiters give you feedback?

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How can you make recruiters give you feedback?

“Thank you for your application, but unfortunately, we have decided not to continue further with you.” Does this message sound familiar?

 I am pretty sure that almost every one of you who has applied for a job, has received at least one of these. How did it make you feel? Sad? Disappointed? Angry?

“Without feedback, many questions remain unanswered.”

To be honest, it sucks to use a lot of time and effort and still not get what you were looking for. Everyone wants to find their dream job and get a chance to advance in their career. Still what is even more upsetting is not knowing what went wrong. Many questions remain unanswered. Was my CV unclear? Didn’t I have enough work experience? Should I have had more relevant education? You should know the answers to these questions but If you do not, you cannot really do anything better next time. Moreover, you might even consider never applying to the same company again.

Probably you should apply again because everything can be different next time. How? It might be that you had a lot of potential, but you just did not get the job because you were lacking a certain skill. Therefore, if you could learn it, you might be a stronger candidate. But then again, you need to know what was it the recruiter was looking for and what you did not have.

This is how you do it – ask for feedback

We encourage You to ask for feedback. You need to know the answers and most of all, you deserve a second chance. Then there is the question, how can you make recruiters give you feedback? Check the following list before sending your request.

  • Ask politely and do not show your bad mood even though you are disappointed that you did not get the position.
  • Specify why you want feedback:
    • Show that you are eager to learn and develop.
    • Perhaps mention that you are interested in applying to the same company again and you want to know if there is something you should learn before that or do better next time.
  • Do not forget to mention your full name and the position you applied for. It will be easier and faster for the recruiter to answer to you. 
  • If you have a specific question in mind you want an answer to, propose that clearly in your message.
  • Use descriptive subjects to get your message noticed.

“Knowledge is power: more you know; the better chance to get your dream job you will have in the future.”

If you got the rejection message from an email address you can reply to or you know who you should approach in the company, then it is easy to just send the message. However, sometimes the message cannot be replied to, or you do not have the recruiter’s contact information. What to do then? Look for an email address on the company’s website, and if you cannot find it, you can always make a phone call. Every company should have at least some general phone number on their website. Ask to speak to the person who has been responsible for the recruitment process or just ask for her/his email address.

Then just start asking for feedback. Knowledge is power: the more you know; the better chance to get your dream job you will have in the future. We wish you the best of luck, and we are sure that eventually, you will get it! Do not ever give up on your dreams.

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