How To Improve Your Recruitment Process

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How To Improve Your Recruitment Process

Last week, we wrote an article regarding the length of your recruitment process.

Now that we understand how a long recruitment process can affect your company, we will run through some measures your company can take to shorten and improve your recruitment process.

1) Create a proper timeline of your recruitment process

A lack of planning is one of the biggest reasons a company has a long recruitment process.

I am sure we all know the importance of planning in our lives. Workforce planning is no exception. Every company should have a team that focuses on recruiting and is well-trained in communicating with potential employees. The team should have proper work allocated to each of them – who comes up with the application form, who contacts the candidates for an interview, who will interview etc.

A proper timeline of the recruitment process should be drafted for the team to follow. The timeline should be communicated frequently and clearly. When there is no proper timeline to be followed, the recruitment process can be lengthy and messy, as everyone is unclear of what has to be done. A lack of planning is one of the biggest reasons a company has a long recruitment process.

2) Create a clear competence profile

The Human Resource Department is usually in charge of recruiting. Unfortunately, they do not always know what is needed from a new employee. This happens especially when they are not in close connection with the manager of the future employee and ask for details. As a result, the application form does not always state certain necessary points.

This is a vital point, and it can be solved by talking to the relevant department. This way, the recruiting team can clarify their doubts and be certain regarding the vacant position.

These are questions you can ask:

  • What are specific tasks and activities of the future employee?
  • What are the skills and experience required from the job candidate?
  • What are things that can be learned by the job candidate?
  • How can the job candidate advance within the company?

3) Simplify the Recruitment Process

Do you really need certain information?

Starting from the job application, it should be direct and not too lengthy. Do you really need certain information or are you just going to skip the unnecessary parts when reading the job application? Also, the candidates should be able to upload their resume or upload their LinkedIn profile, instead of having to type in their skills and experiences online.

Next, the hiring cycle can be divided into parts – internal and external. The internal parts would come up with the job application and review the job application etc. While the external part would be the communication with the potential job candidates. Having a similar point of contact for the whole hiring cycle, internal and external, makes it a lot easier for the company. The point of contact will know almost everything about the job candidate when he/she is responsible for reviewing and qualifying the future employee.

Companies are often unable to find the talent they are looking for immediately.

The company can make recruiting a long-term initiative to increase their chances of getting the right person for the job. Companies are often unable to find the talent they are looking for immediately. Being proactive about recruiting not only allows your company to find the right person, but it also gives your company a head start by having a list of applicants for future job vacancy. The ongoing recruitment process also allows your company constantly to keep a look out for the recruitment process, ensuring its quality. Read more about why you need a wide talent pool.

There are many ways to improve your recruitment process, and one way is to use recruitment software to help keep your HR team organised and on track. Not only will you be able to optimise the usage of the HR team, but your recruitment process will be more effective and efficient.

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