Courses that will help you to improve as a job-seeker

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Courses that will help you to improve as a job-seeker

It is always important to constantly grow your skillset and develop yourself to become a better job-seeker with more to offer. However, what are some of the more important skill sets that are relevant in this day and age?

The following are some courses that you can start off with to improve as a jobseeker.

1) Coding

As a business student myself, I have tried to learn some basic coding skills out of curiosity. IT skills are in short supply at the moment, so learning how to code could give you a significant advantage over other candidates for a range of jobs

Learning how to code, especially when you’re not in the engineer/developer industry, is particularly invaluable. It will definitely differentiate you from the other business students and provide you with a unique combination of skills. This skillset might even open up more possible jobs that are available for you. You can improve as a job-seeker by taking up a coding course. There are plenty of sites that will teach you coding skills step by step, and some are even free!

2) Etiquette

These courses used to be really popular and many parents often sent their children for etiquette lessons while they are still in school. However, such courses’ popularity has been decreasing over the years despite their importance.

You might wonder why you should attend a course that teaches you how to shake hands, how to introduce yourself, how to eat your food, etc. But these are all important things to know and are life skills that you can keep forever. A big part of standing out amongst a sea of jobseekers is being able to sell yourself and position yourself as the best person to provide value and offer solutions to potential organisations.

You can have an impressive GPA and amazing portfolio, but if you don’t know how to present yourself to a prospective employer with the right etiquette, you will not get the job. With impeccable manners, you improve your chances of landing the job, keeping it and moving up in your company.

These skills are simple to learn and can be applied throughout your entire life. I personally think that this is extremely important for you to improve not only as a jobseeker, but as a person as well!

3) Psychology

Taking a psychology course can help you stand out and understand human behaviour better. You will learn to observe people’s subtle behaviour and it can actually help you to build relationships when you are aware of how people are feeling. This is also any skill set that you can not only apply at work, but in life generally. You will be able to learn why people do what they do and how people make decisions.

4) Language

It is always exciting to learn a new language and it will always only help to strengthen your portfolio! If you plan on working for a MNC that has many different offices all over the world, knowing how to speak various languages will be very beneficial. You will have far more options when it comes to your choice of job too.

But of course, it is never easy to learn a new language. Try to study a language that you have always been passionate about or learn one that is pretty similar to what you already know and you will definitely be able to improve as a job-seeker.

5) Social Media

Many job-seekers always mention that they have what it takes to do marketing – especially social media. However, it is more than just posting on social media. If you really want to say that you are able to do that, I suggest that you start attending courses on marketing. And if you have attended a course on it, be sure to specify on your resume that to differentiate yourself from many others who say the same.

While you’re at it, you can also take this chance to build a credible online presence for yourself. Start off by sharing more about issues that you’re passionate about. You can do so on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Once you’re more confident, feel free to even start your own blog.

As a job-seeker, the most important thing is differentiation. Think of the ways in which you can make yourself stand out and improve as a job-seeker.