How Can You Spot Promising Potential Hires

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How Can You Spot Promising Potential Hires

Many recruiters face the problem where they constantly have limited talents to choose from. Looking for your next great hire? Where can you find them and what method should you use? Use these tips to find the right person.

1) Company Wide HR Team

You should already have a dedicated HR team, but to increase the reach and effectiveness of your hiring project, you should consider incentivizing all your current employees to pitch in on the search for new hires. You could give them a bonus for recommending a good prospect who gets hired and lasts for a given amount of time — say six months to a year.

Make sure to let them have creative freedom over their hiring strategy: It doesn’t matter whether your employees use word-of-mouth promotion or social media. The important thing is that you have an avalanche of people with a vested interest in bringing in some real, meaningful talent.

If you are feeling adventurous and more creative than usual, you could also bring your customers in on the act and extend the same referral incentive to them. However, you should only trust your most loyal customers with this — those who know how your business works and appreciates their alliance with your company.

2) Internship Program

This is a powerful way to preview the best talent before they are even out of school. Create an internship program that focuses on some of the brightest and most intelligent seniors or grad students looking for jobs within your industry.

To create the best internship program, you have to study why these people look for jobs while in school. Once you can understand what makes them tick, you can create something that fits their work persona. Then, when they graduate, you can pluck the most talented of those interns right off the stage, diploma still in hand. This is a commonly used technique by most MNCs.

3) Target your competitor’s employees

You already know that your competitors’ best employees have the talent, industry knowledge and experience, work ethic and aptitude you need in an employee. That is what makes them such prime candidates to target.

However, you have to be patient when going this route, since they are passive candidates. Seek them out on LinkedIn, via email or phone, but be polite and respectful. If they turn you down, do not force it. Let them be, but remain visible and ready to pounce if they choose to leave their current employer.

4) Entice Top Talents With Your Job Ads

Your job ad has to have more than just a job description. A job ad actively sells a position to a candidate by prominently displaying the aspects of the job that will excite them most, and forgetting everything but the absolute essentials.

For example, find out the cons of the specific job that you are looking for. Are there ways that you can change this pain point? If so, this is definitely an enticing point that you want to share first hand with your potential employees.

Also, be sure to provide more essential info. Applicants want to know what it is about your company, team, location and the position that makes it great. Be sure to address all these, with specific details.

5) Talent Pipeline

With TalentAdore, you already have a full database in your talent pipeline. Never forget these people when you’re hiring because there was a reason why you added them to your talent pipeline at the first place.

All of those previous applicants are valuable data. They’re people who are interested in working for your company and have already shared their information with you. Stay in contact with them and send them job vacancy notices from time to time. You can even come up with a role for a talent based on his/her skillset.

Not anyone with a skill set is a good fit for your business. You want to hire the right people — employees with industry-compatible skill sets who can help your team advance and adapt. The long-term success of your company will be decided by the potential of the people you hire.

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