Benefits of a better Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience

Benefits of a better Candidate Experience

Here are the key benefits of delivering a positive Candidate Experience

Why is Candidate Experience so important? Here are the key benefits of delivering a positive Candidate Experience

Job candidates become, or stay as, your customers

Candidates are customers, and more specifically they can be your customers today or in the future. Did you know that 68% of candidates stay on as customers if their experience was good during the recruitment process? This fact indicates that delivering a positive Candidate Experience has true financial implications.

Candidates stay interested in applying for your company

Let’s imagine that there are 100 candidates applying for a one job and 40 of them are potential or relevant for the company now or in the future. Only one of them will get the job. That one person who gets selected will be happy but how about the other 39 or 99 candidates? How will they feel?

It is important that each and every candidate gets a positive experience, but what’s especially vital is that those 39 relevant (but rejected) candidates will stay interested in the company. Most likely, the same company will have other openings later on so it should not drive away potential candidates. By offering a positive Candidate Experience, it can keep them in the talent pipeline.

Candidates tell good things about you (WOM)

The opinions of others matter. Would you apply for a job in a company with a bad reputation? Probably not, and especially not if you had heard negative comments about the company from a friend of yours.

Fortunately, this works both ways and you can go far with positive word-of-mouth. Based on some studies, 65% of candidates find a job based on referrals. If you take good care of candidates who are in touch with your company and provide positive experiences, it is guaranteed that the word will spread.

Your employer brand improves & you engage the best talents

This is the end goal; engaging the best talents. A strong employer brand plays a huge role in accomplishing it. The company offering the best Candidate Experience will win the war for talent. It is as simple as that.

Download our Definitive Guide to Candidate Experience or start by reading this blog on how Candidate Experience can be defined.

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