How to Assess Your HR Team

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How to Assess Your HR Team

TalentAdore has constantly been sharing about how to improve various HR processes or even introduction to different HR terms. However, how do you know when you should start focusing on the topics we mentioned? Do you know what you need after reading our blogs?

Today, I’ll share more on how you can assess your HR team. This is extremely crucial as you need to know your strengths and weaknesses in your HR team before you know where to focus or what change you should make. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you gather if you don’t know where to use them.

1) Gather data

HR is very different from the past where it used to be just an administrative function. Today, HR should exist to impact and grow your business with a focus on positive employee interactions. You must know what you want from your employees and how you should communicate with them.

How have your company been interacting with the employees? Any feedback from them?

2) Administrative VS Strategic

HR is now a strategic function as well as an administrative function. How can you make your HR team as strategic as possible such that it ultimately benefits your company even in terms of sales? Be sure that your HR team is embracing technology, and spending their valuable time on initiatives that will drive the business results you are looking for.

3) Manpower of the HR Team

Your HR can only be as strategic as the people who are a part of the HR team. Determine if their skills and aptitude are suitably matched to their job assignments. Your HR team should report directly to the CEO as it is as important as any other department. Make sure that the people in the HR team understand the importance of their role and how they are contributing to the overall operation.

4) Set Clear Goals

Set clear goals for your HR team. Invite HR to critical meetings so they can understand the what is required for future production, new markets you are entering etc. It is only with the business knowledge that HR can create programs that will add to the attainment of corporate goals.

Is there a specific benchmark you would like your HR team to follow in future? Set those in place and it’ll make it easier for your HR team to follow.

5)  Adequate Funds

Ensure that you have adequate funds to support your HR activities which includes employee incentives, training etc.  Draft a budget proposal for additional funding based on department successes and return on investment in HR activities. Use online resources to conduct research on the types of HR activities with the highest return on investment to justify your request for increased department funding.Regular assessment of your HR team ensures that the team is providing high-quality, efficient services and benefits to employees and applicants. Your ATS plays a huge role in shaping your company’s recruitment. Our Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is an amazing tool that touches people’s hearts. It integrates an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Artificial Intelligence (AI) based communication technologies, and advanced automation.