8 Tips For Your Job Interview

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8 Tips For Your Job Interview

It is the start of the New Year and it might also be the start of a journey at a new company for some of you.

Everyday, there are thousands of people in the world who are proactively looking for a job. After you have impressed the company with your resume, it is time to impress them at the job interview. Today, I will give you tips to impress in your job interview! Also, if you have yet to read my previous article on “What do recruiters hate during interviews?”, you should definitely do so as well! Let’s get started!

1) Be Punctual

The first tip to impress in your job interview is to be punctual. There is never an excuse to be late for a job interview. In order to prevent yourself from running late, you should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier. There might be additional paperwork that has to be filled in before the interview and you need to give yourself some time to calm down. You never know if the interviewers will be early themselves and you will definitely leave a good impression by being there earlier than them. If your interview is in the morning, always prepare the night before – pack extra copies of your resume and pick out your outfit etc.

2) Be Aware Of Your Body Language

Your body language and nonverbal behaviour also make a difference at your job interview. Simple actions such as maintaining eye contact can show that you are serious about the job and are confident about yourself while other actions such as smiling can make you seem like an outgoing person and easy to work with.
Poor body language can also be a distraction. For instance, if you start fidgeting in your chair and touching your hair. Aim to make a good first impression with a firm handshake and by standing upright. That first action can be a great beginning or a quick ending to your interview.

3) Prepare Yourself For The Usual Questions

Even though all interviews differ from one another, there are a set of questions that are bound to be asked by the interviewer. You should prepare yourself for such questions so that you feel more confident about the interview. Of course, you should not literally memorise your answer or it will look scripted. Try to be as natural as possible when you are answering the questions. One common job interview question is: “How do you think you can contribute to the company with your skills?”

4) Dress For Success

You should always be dressed appropriately for the interview – this includes your hairstyle and makeup etc. You should dress according to the company and its culture. However, if you are not sure what outfit fits, the simplest outfit is a black-and-white business outfit. Some companies might have a more relaxed working environment but that combination will never go wrong. Remember, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

5) First Impressions Count

It is essential to be polite at your job interview. You can start by extending your warm greetings to everyone you meet. This includes the receptionist at the counter or even other employees of the company. You never know but the interviewers might be watching. After entering the interview room, you should also wait until you are offered a chair before you sit. Other ways of creating a good first impression include being punctual and dressing well, as mentioned above. Having a positive attitude allows the employer to see that you are enthusiastic about the job which increases their interest in you.

6) Ask Questions

You should never leave the interview room without asking a single question. If you are genuinely interested in joining the company, wouldn’t you have loads of questions for the interviewer? Feel free to ask them those questions! This shows that you are curious about what’s to come. If you are unsure of what questions to ask, you can always prepare the questions a few days before the interview. Never say that you have nothing to ask at the interview as it makes you seem uninterested.

7) Prior Understanding of The Company

Always research and look up the company that you are being interviewed at. Knowing a thing or two about the company will help you tailor your answers to the questions you’re asked. Investing a little time prior to the interview will help you handle your interview better. You can start by reading the corporate website at least.

8) Follow Up

You should always let your interviewers know that you will be following up with them after the interview. This will not guarantee that you will get the job but it will definitely help you stand out. Always follow up with a thank you note and reiterate your interest in the position. It is best if you can send your thank you note within 24 hours! With these tips you will impress in your job interview and improve access to employment.